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Aaron Honaker is a Miami, Florida, attorney who is accused of being a serial bank robber. Prosecutors say he was leading a double life: Successful business lawyer on the one hand; bank robber on the other.


He is 41-year-old as of 2020.

Earlier Life and Education

Hee was in good standing. It said that he practiced in Miami-Dade County and had no discipline history in the past 10 years. He graduated from Duke University School of Law in 2006 and worked for a law firm called Martinez Morales as an associate. He’s no longer listed on that law firm’s website. He also wrote that he had an MBA from Duke. He listed many honors in college:


He’s listed as an attorney in seven cases in federal court in the Southern District of Florida. The cases are civil cases. One involved Coral Reed’s developments. He had been with that firm for more than four years.

Honaker is now represented by the federal public defender’s office. The complaint says that, in one of the robberies, Honaker wore “a floppy hat and a blue, short-sleeved shirt.”

Robbery Attempts

He “followed a consistent approach during the six robbery attempts, two of which were successful: Honaker would enter each bank alone, walk up to a teller window, and ask the teller for assistance in making a withdrawal. He would pass a note to the bank teller that contained hand-written instructions and warnings.”

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The warnings included, “[d]on’t touch the alarm or call the police,” “empty all of your $50s and $100s and put it in an envelope,” and “[k]eep calm, and give me all the money in the drawer, I have a gun,” the Department of Justice says.

“Honaker would take his note with him on the way out of the bank, says the affidavit,” the DOJ release says.

Arrest & Charge

Federal prosecutors have charged 41-year-old Miami lawyer Aaron Patrick Honaker with committing a series of bank robberies and attempted bank robberies in South Florida over the past three weeks, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a press release. His full name is Aaron Patrick Honaker.

The criminal complaint charges Honaker with robbing $1050 from an Aventura bank on October 3 and robbing $800 from a Coral Gables bank on October 10. It also charges him with attempting to rob four banks in Coral Gables around that same time, the complaint alleges.

Local10 reported that he used to work at boutique law firms in Coral Gables and former co-workers described him as highly intelligent, disciplined, sharp, and brilliant, with one saying, I have no explanation as to how he got to this point.

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