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Adam Coy Wiki – Adam Coy Biography

According to Adam Coy Wiki, Bio and Biography, He is a 19-year veteran of Columbus police who charged in the death of Andre Hill will make his first appearance in court Thursday morning after his indictment.

Coy has been arrested and charged with one count of murder, one count of felonious assault and two counts of dereliction duty.


Adam Coy is age is unknown yet.

Andre Hill Murder

Andre Hill, 47, was shot to death by Coy on Dec. 22. Officers were responding to a 311 non-emergency call for a noise complaint.

On Dec. 22, Coy and another officer, Amy Detweiler, were responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Oberlin Drive. Though neither officer turned on their body-worn cameras, a 60-second rollback with no audio was captured Coy approaching an open garage with Hill inside. Authorities later said Hill was at the home visiting a friend.

Hill emerged from around a vehicle with a cell phone in his left hand. His right hand was not visible. Seconds later, Coy removed his gun and fired it at Hill. Though the audio was not recorded, Detweiler told investigators Coy yelled “there’s a gun in his other hand” before opening fire. Hill was taken to a local hospital where he later died. Police did not find a weapon at the scene.

Adam Coy Arrest, Charge

Coy was fired in January after an investigation determined that his use of deadly force was not reasonable. He was arrested Wednesday afternoon. His first court appearance is scheduled for this week.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said the Franklin County Grand Jury indicted on the charges of murder, felonious assault and dereliction of duty.

Officer Amy Detweiler, who also responded to the complaint, told investigators she heard Coy scream that Hill had a gun in his hand. She couldn’t recall if Coy gave Hill an order to drop a weapon.

Detweiler said she did not see a gun in Hill’s hand and that she didn’t observe any threats from Hill during the incident.

Coy did not turn his body camera on until after he fired shots at Hill. But his camera automatically activated and recorded 60 seconds of the episode without sound.

Coy’s bail hearing will be held Thursday.

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