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Adrienne Quintal
Adrienne Quintal

Adrienne Quintal Bio

Adrienne Quintal is 47 years old women from Michigan, USA. She was involved in a shootout with two men in October. She has been missing since last month.


She is 47 years old as of 2019

Adrienne Quintal Missing and Shootout

Adrienne Quintal was vacationing at a family cottage in Honor. she went missing Oct. 17. According to investigators, the family friend received a call from Quintal that lasted 4 minutes as 27 seconds.

That call involved details about a shootout with two men and Quintal. According to police, Quintal told her friend that she had shot one of the men in the face and that the other man was returning fire. Quintal then asked the family friend to contact police.

When Benzie County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at 4900 Indian Hill Road at 3:15 a.m., they found several bullet holes in the window of the cabin.

They searched the area around the cabin for evidence of any injured person but found nothing. Authorities add no blood was found, however, there was evidence of shots being fired from inside the cabin to the outside.

Michigan State Police arrived on the scene and made forced entry into the cabin to investigate, which led to the initial report of suspected foul play.

Officers found Quintal’s cell phone, purse and a handgun registered to her.