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Aicha Toure is a Muslim woman who was on a flight to Detroit on September 11, 2021. Toure said she was attacked on a Spirit Airlines flight by a white woman who called her a “Muslim terrorist” and physically attacked her. CAIR: Woman Harassed South Asian Woman. “Toure is a visibly Muslim woman who wears an Islamic headscarf. During the flight, the white woman reportedly initiated altercations…


Aicha Toure age is unclear yet.

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A Muslim woman is calling for hate crime charges after she says she was attacked on a flight to Detroit on Sept. 11. Aicha Toure described the attack while she was trying to get off of a plan at DTW. She says it started when an older woman dropped her luggage, which then accidentally hit another woman who allegedly became infuriated and verbally abusive. That’s when Toure stepped in. [wxyz]

CAIR: Woman Harassed South Asian Woman. “Toure is a visibly Muslim woman who wears an Islamic head scarf. During the flight, the white woman reportedly initiated altercations with minority crew members on the flight, and upon landing in Detroit began harassing and intimidating an older woman who looked to be of South Asian descent.” [CAIR]

Toure Claims Woman Hit Her With Fist. “When Toure asked the woman to stop cursing at the older woman, she became violent and called Toure a “Muslim Terrorist,” along with a number of profanities. When the white woman realized Toure, and others were recording her Islamophobic comments, she struck allegedly Toure with her fist before crew members of Spirit were able to intervene. The alleged assailant was arrested.” [CAIR]

Woman Arrested For Attack. “Wayne County Airport Authority police confirmed the arrest in an email, but did not mention the slurs, characterizing the incident as “a misunderstanding between two women” that got violent when “a third woman intervened in an effort to help (and) was assaulted.” [Detroit News]

Spirit Airlines Confirmed Attack. “A passenger on one of our flights arriving in Detroit last night chose to use appalling language toward one of our guests. That kind of language has no place on our planes-or anywhere else-and she is no longer welcome on any of our flights.” [Spirit Airlines Statement]

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