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Akanksha Bhatia
Akanksha Bhatia

Akanksha Bhatia Wiki – Biography

Akanksha Bhatia writer and advocate for mental health and women’s rights lived with anxiety before the lockdown. She lives and works in Delhi but has moved back to Chennai to live with her parents while India is in lockdown. She says people with anxiety are already prone to “overthink” stepping out of the house. She describes herself as an introvert and says that socializing is one of the things that made her more anxious.

Akanksha Bhatia Age

Akanksha Bhatia is 25 years old as of 2020.

Coronavirus anxiety

Akanksha posts on social media about living with anxiety and has been talking with her followers about how the condition impacts her life in isolation.

It’s not been that easy, she says. A month into lockdown, she had a particularly bad day and cried a lot.

All you can do is tell yourself that this will end eventually.

She has had some struggles during the lockdown. But there has also been a respite from some of the things that triggered her anxiety in her life pre-coronavirus because she’s able to be at home with her parents, who help her to feel safe.

She feels relaxed and comfortable spending time with her family and so this has been much less of a problem in recent weeks. Now her concerns center on how she will return to her previous life.

Akanksha has already started thinking about how she will cope when lockdown in India lifts. Though there are a lot of people looking forward to it, I don’t understand those people, she says.

Akanksha’s going to do some of the things that experts say are good for our mental health, like eating well and doing regular exercise. Keep it as simple as you can, she adds, and don’t overwhelm yourself with anything new suddenly. I won’t be going crazy with parties every day.

But she will continue with a hobby that she started during the lockdown, to maintain her routine as the world around her changes yet again, and give her an ongoing sense of achievement.

I’m learning Korean right now, she says. I want to watch my K-dramas without subtitles.

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