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Alek Sigley Biography
Alek Sigley Biography

Alek Sigley Biography – Alek Sigley Wiki

Alek Sigley was born in 1990 in Perth and now living in Pyongyang. Alek Sigley married his longtime Japanese girlfriend Yuka in a wedding attended by his mother and father Gary, who is the former director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia.

Alek is a 29-year-old Australian student, who is a postgraduate student at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang and a self-employed tour company operator has not been seen or heard from by friends and loved ones for more than 48 hours.

He was identified in South Korean media overnight as having been taken into custody by North Korean officials.

The family of Alek Sigley, could not confirm if he had been arrested but said he had not been in touch with them since Tuesday.

Alek Sigley’s active Twitter account went silent three days ago.

Australian officials have been trying to confirm whether he has in fact been arrested or if there is some other explanation for his disappearance.

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It is rare but not unheard of for students to attend North Korean universities or to go there on an exchange program.

Sigley’s family said earlier on Thursday that Australian consular officials were working to discern his whereabouts after he stopped contacting friends and family two days earlier, but his detention was yet to be confirmed.

South Korean broadcaster Channel A reported on Wednesday that Sigley had been arrested and detained. The report, which cited an anonymous government source, did not give a reason for his apparent detention.

Sigley has a rare high-profile among the handful of foreigners living there – who are provided access to Western social media platforms, like Twitter, but are very careful about how they use them.


But even with his prolific social media presence, North Korea observers say it is hard to say exactly what provoked authorities if indeed Sigley has been detained.