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Alexandra Chalupa
Alexandra Chalupa

Alexandra Chalupa Bio, Wiki

Alexandra Chalupa is a Human rights hobbyist, political strategist, and connector. She is from California and lives in Washington, D.C. Chalupa is a former Democratic National Committee contractor and staffer, who runs a Washington D.C. political consulting firm. Chalupa is Ukrainian-American, her grandparents come from Ukraine. Chalupa’s maternal grandparents come from eastern Ukraine, where Putin’s Russian-backed separatists continue to cause massive destruction. Chalupa’s grandfather Olexij Keis and my uncle Vitalij Keis both suffered injustice under Stalin.

Uncle Vitalij, who immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager, was so grateful to this country that he joined the U.S. Army when he turned 18 years old.

Earlier Life & Education

Alexandra Chalupa was born in Davis, California, and lives in Washington, D.C. She went to Davis Senior High School. On Facebook, Chalupa wrote that she studied Voting Rights and International Law at UC Davis School of Law and Studied Peace & Conflict Studies at UC Berkeley.

At UC Davis, Chalupa was involved in Alpha Phi Omega and was the senior editor of the Journal of International Law and Policy. She was the founder of King Hall Students for Gore-Lieberman. She studied voting rights, international law, criminal law, and negotiations.

At Berkeley, she was in the Honor Students Society, the Cal Crew Team, Alpha Phi, and was a Cal in the Capital Scholar. She was an intern at the White House, for the California governor, and Congressman Vic Fazio.

Alexandra Chalupa’s Career

According to her LinkedIn page, she is the author and has been the leader of Chalupa and Partners, LLC., since 2013. It’s situated in Washington, D.C. She has filled in as a “co-convenor” of the National Vote based Ethnic Organizing Chamber, a position she held since 2013. She composed that she was “liable for contacting diaspora gatherings and associations around the nation to build voter turnout and message around issues like movement change.”

In 2012, she was a battle chief for Adam Cook for Congress. From 2006 to 2011, she was the executive of the Workplace of Gathering Pioneers for the DNC. She was an official executive of Democrats Abroad, and, in 2003, for one year, she was an online body electorate outreach chief for John Kerry’s presidential crusade.

In September 2019, the expert Trump Advisory group to Safeguard the President recorded a Government Political decision Commission Grievance against the Popularity based National Board of trustees that names Alexandra Chalupa.

In 2015, she attended an event at which “representatives of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations. She met with Obama Administration officials delivering a letter to the President, calling for the U.S. government to play a more significant role in providing aid to the millions in Ukraine.

Alexandra Chalupa Husband & Children

Alexandra Chalupa married to Jeff Roof, who is the “Project Director at CRB Consulting Engineers, INC.” and is from Salisbury, North Carolina. The couple has three children.

Alexandra Chalupa Twitter

Chalupa wrote on Twitter: “Team Putin-Trump made a big mistake with a conspiracy hit to out the whistleblower. It attacked Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Catholic Patriarch, & Orthodox Patriarch. They are the spiritual leaders of Ukraine and its global diaspora and powerful uniters. Prayers for the GOP.

She also wrote, “All roads may lead back to Putin, but quite a few of them seem to first run through Devin Nunes. It looks like Rudy Giuliani had a lot of support from a top Nunes former trusted advisor planted inside the White House who got caught playing ‘Ukraine expert.’”

She sharply criticized those who have criticized Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified about his concerns regarding Trump’s handling of Ukraine in the wake of a whistleblower’s complaint. “Republicans who have spent the past three years covering-up for Putin’s hybrid warfare against the U.S. are now attacking an American decorated Army Officer who has devoted his life to protecting U.S. national security,” Chalupa wrote on her Twitter page. “These Republicans are traitors.”

Chalupa also wrote: “A stadium full of red hats & chants of ‘lock him up’ directed at special guest Donald Trump. Locals in our nation’s capital don’t appreciate him branding our home a ‘swamp’ or anything else the Putin Puppet does to hurt our country; the list is long. #FakePresident.”

On Facebook, she wrote, “The Putin backed and beholden President of the United States who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes and who won the Electoral College due to three states where his Putin-linked campaign manager Paul Manafort provided Russians with internal data and polling information for, reacted badly to this morning’s press conference focused on the House impeachment enquiry, which was led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff….”

She also wrote, “You never know who will show up at the #KremlinAnnex, especially on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s birthday. A little birdie told me Trump and his criminal associates are in a lot of trouble as Mueller’s team continues to follow the money and the tweets.”

In 2017, she wrote, “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who is one of the strongest voices on Russia. We had a great meeting tonight. She’s fearless.” Her Facebook page is full of photos of anti-Trump protests.