Who is Alexis Wilson (Threatened To Shoot Up) Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Charges

Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson

Alexis Wilson Bio

Alexis Wilson is an 18-year-old girl who has been Charge, Threatened to Shoot Up a Tulsa School With an AK-47. She allegedly told a co-worker she would shoot up her former school.

Alexis Wilson Age

She is 18-year-old

Alexis Wilson Threatened

Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris said Alexis is in custody after threatening to “shoot up” McAlester High School and there is no other suspect.

According to McAlester News, the sheriff’s incident report reads that following the arrest, deputies seized a black AK-47 with six magazines and a black 12-gauge shotgun with stock sleeve for extra shells.

Wilson allegedly said she would shoot up the school she attended for her freshman year, McAlester High School.

McAlester Public Schools lockdown the campus after receiving a threat and immediately contacts law enforcement, Hughes said.

He said additional security measures put into place, and MPS employees are made aware as precautions.

“This is something that in today’s time, it’s real and we want to keep our kids safe as much as we can,” Hughes said. “We’re doing as much as we can to make it safe.

“We will try to stay on lockdown until there’s no immediate danger,” he added.

Morris said Wilson is a former McAlester High School student who dropped out in the ninth grade.

The report states Sgt. Micah Stites and Deputy Matthew Jordan read Wilson a Miranda warning before talking with her at a McAlester residence Sunday night.

Deputies asked Wilson if she made any comments about guns to a coworker and Wilson said she did. Wilson said she told coworkers she recently purchased an AK-47 and said a coworker “she could come to her residence and shoot with her,” the report states.

The report states deputies asked Wilson if she talked about “shooting op the school or people.”

Wilson first said she did not say that before saying “she would never shoot up a school” and her coworker didn’t take what she told the right way, according to the report.

Wilson reported To School

Wilson was said to have left McAlester High School after her freshman year and while completing a Wilson had recently completed a youth academy program.

She tried to re-enrol but was denied, Tulsa World reported adding investigators said Wilson seemed upset about not being able to go back to school, but she denied being mad about it.

She told police she had been bullied in the past at the school but was right about ignoring it.

Sheriff’s investigators learned that Wilson had problems while attending the school.

After speaking to the school, deputies learned there were some previous violent issues with Wilson since 2013 and ongoing where she’d been suspended for bringing a knife to school and another time where she has a swastika symbol on her personal belongings.