Andrea Camilleri

Andrea Camilleri Bio, Wiki, Age, Death, Wife, Net Worth

Andrea Camilleri Bio: He was an was an Italian writer. He is best known Inspector Montalbano author, died at the age of 93.


Wiki / Biography
Birth Date 6 September 1925
Birth Place Porto Empedocle, Italy
Death Date 17 July 2019
Age 93 years
Profession writer
Spouse Rosetta Dello Siesto
Children Mariolina Camilleri
Tv Series Inspector Montalbano
Net Worth Update Soon

Andrea Camilleri Bio

He was born on 6 September 1925 in Porto Empedocle, Italy. Camilleri died on 17 July 2019. He has died at the age of 93.

He began studies at the Faculty of Literature in 1944, without concluding them, meanwhile publishing poems and short stories.

Camilleri began to take on work as a director and screenwriter, directing especially plays by Pirandello and Beckett.

His parents knew, and were, reportedly, distant friends of, Pirandello, as he tells in his essay on Pirandello Biography of the Changed Son.

His most famous works, the Montalbano series, show many Pirandellian elements: for example, the wild olive tree that helps Montalbano think is on stage in his late work The Giants of the Mountain.

He wrote more than 100 books. His stories were fiction but influenced by current affairs or the result of hours of scouring the archives.

The Montalbano novels, each of them published in a 180-page format – 18 chapters of 10 pages – have achieved worldwide sales of 25 million and have been translated into 120 languages.

Camilleri and Inspector Montalbano changed people’s minds about Sicily.

Together, over a period of 25 years, they transformed a grim landscape of mobsters and mafia violence to a light-hearted, humorous, food-focused near-paradise of an imaginary town called Vigàta.

The Montalbano TV mysteries, first broadcast on May 1999, celebrated their 20th-anniversary last month.

In addition to the degree of popularity brought him by the novels, Andrea Camilleri became even more of a media icon thanks to the parodies aired on an RAI radio show, where popular comedian, TV host and impressionist Fiorello presents him as a raspy-voiced, caustic character, madly in love with cigarettes and smoking.

Andrea Camilleri Wife & Children

He was married to Rosetta Dello Siesto in 1957. The couple has a daughter Mariolina Camilleri

Andrea Camilleri Death Cause

Camilleri was well known for being a heavy smoker of cigarettes. He considered himself a non-militant atheist.

Camilleri suffered a heart attack. He was admitted at a hospital in critical condition. He died on 17 July 2019 at the age of 93.


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