Who is Andrea Goldstein (Sexually Assaulted) Bio, Wiki, Age, Family


Andrea Goldstein Bio

Andrea N. Goldstein is a staff member on the House veterans committee. She was assaulted last week at the V.A. Medical Center in Washington by a man who slammed his body against hers and then pressed himself against her in the center’s cafe.

Andrea is a leader in building civil-military dialogues through education, writing, and community engagement. As a military officer.

She was responsible for over 100 personnel in dynamic, ambiguous environments, including humanitarian and crisis operations in the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia.

While serving as a troop commander in Special Operations Forces, she was instrumental in developing best practices to integrate women into previously all-male teams.

As a Navy Reservist, she supports UNSCR1325 Women, Peace, and Security initiatives as deputy to the NATO ACT Gender Advisor.


Her work includes cross-sector collaboration to facilitate organizational culture change from within, and a focus on incorporating a gender perspective into policy, plans, and operations in the defense and security sector.

She has published widely in The New York Times, Task & Purpose, The War Horse, Center for a New American Security, Proceedings, and several industries and peer-reviewed publications.

Andrea is also a world traveler, having traveled to over 45 countries in five continents.

Andrea Goldstein Education

Andrea is a Pat Tillman Scholar and graduated with an M.A. in Law and Diplomacy as an inductee to the Honos Civicus honor society at the Fletcher School at Tufts University.


Andrea Goldstein Sexually Assaulted

Andrea was waiting for a smoothie at a cafe in the busy center, which has one of the most celebrated women’s clinics in the Department of Veterans Affairs health system.

A man slammed her below the waist and told her that you look like you could use a good time, she said in an interview. He pressed his entire body against mine.


She said she had just come from a meeting on Capitol Hill and was carrying in her purse the draft of a bill designed to curb sexual assault and harassment when she became a victim of it.

Ms. Goldstein said that she was able to extricate herself and then complained to several center employees, but that only when she got to her doctor were the police called.