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Andrea Valderi is a 30-years-old Colombian model who plans to broadcast her upcoming plastic surgery live, which was rejected by the health board, which ruled that the procedure was unethical.

Valderi, who has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram, was selling tickets to fans interested in watching Wednesday’s live broadcast of the scheduled operation in Cartagena.


She is 30-years-old.

Health officials block the model’s bid directly from broadcast plastic surgery.

The mother of two offered a $ 20 ticket for those who were only interested in seeing the surgeon’s body exposed. There were also $ 60 VIP tickets that allowed followers to see every step of the process, from when Valdari would leave his home until he became a doctor.

He claimed that the site that manages ticket sales crashed in the first 10 minutes because it sold out because it received more than 500,000 visits.

Valderi, who never said what type of surgery she would have, told the Territorial District Health Council on Tuesday that she could no longer go ahead with her live stream.

Dr. Cesar Carcomo told the Colombian newspaper Al Universal, “What I see is that certain principles are being considered, which violates some of the principles of the Ministry of Health. “Laws are being violated that violate the principle of intimacy, privacy.”

Statement by Andrea Valderi.

Valderi condemned the Health Board’s decision and questioned its purpose.

‘Hypocrites, and that’s why this country is like that. You are working, reshaping yourself. “Well, they took the streams away from me,” he said in an Instagram stories video. ‘Do you think I’ll be on the Instagram page because they took a live stream? I redesigned myself and created my own website, and I will do my job. ‘

Valderi argued that social media users can share their content only on sites like Fans without any restrictions.

‘People think I’m going to be naked and it’s not like that, there are a lot of people who want to have an operation and want to know what an operation is without hiding anything, without editing, I’m going to tell you To show there, ‘he added.

I have to say things, I’m not impressing anyone here, and if someone wants to see the content because they want to operate, they want to see what the operation is like, they can see it there. It all depends on what is in your head as you want to see this content. I do with my body what I want. I own it. ‘

Although Valderi is still undergoing surgery, he vowed to broadcast it in full at the end of the doctor’s procedure.

“I will post it on my website when the surgery is over,” he said. ‘Don’t worry because it will happen.’

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