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Angel Hernandezcinto
Angel Hernandezcinto

Angel Hernandezcinto Bio, Wiki

Angel Hernandezcinto is a 31-years-old man from Florida, who arrested after authorities allege he stole 66 roles of toilet paper from an Orlando-area hotel. He was busted on Wednesday hauling 18,000 pounds of toilet paper in a stolen 18-wheeler trailer. He was arrested after a security guard at the Marriott Hotel spotted him wheeling a trash can to his car and then putting a bag inside. The guard told police that he looked through Hernandezcinto’s car window and saw the bag was filled with toilet paper rolls.

Work for?

Hernandezcinto works as a truck driver from North Carolina. He described it as ‘legitimate cargo going to a legitimate place. The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office intercepted the driver on Wednesday amid the coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in panicked customers buying up toilet paper across the country.

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Charge, Arrested

He was arrested after a security guard at the Marriott Hotel spotted him wheeling a trash can to his car and the putting a bag inside. After spotting the stolen 18-wheeler, deputies say they followed the driver to a warehouse off the interstate. It was there that they discovered the driver was hauling 18,000 pounds of commercial bathroom paper products.

Hernandezcinto allegedly admitted to taking the toilet paper and told the guard he was giving it to a poor lady he knew who didn’t have a job. He was charged with theft from public lodging establishment.

Police Statment

An arrest report obtained by Fox 35 alleges that a security guard at the Marriott Hotel on World Center Drive in Orlando’s tourist district saw Hernandezcinto pushing a trash can towards his van. Hernandezcinto allegedly placed a large garbage bag inside his vehicle and walked back into the hotel. The guard peeked through the window of Hernandezcinto’s van and allegedly noticed the bag was full of unused toilet paper rolls he believed belonged to the hotel.

The hotel called police, who say that Hernandezcinto admitted to taking 66 rolls of toilet paper, which were valued at $0.99 each. According to the arrest report, Hernandezcinto allegedly told the security guard that he was taking the toilet paper to the family of an unemployed friend. He allegedly then apologized.