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Angie Monroy
Angie Monroy

Angie Monroy Bio, Wiki

Angie Monroy is a 16-years-old teenage girl, who killed was killed during a drive-by shooting in Chicago’s Little Village. She was a junior at Benito Juarez Community Academy, wanted to be a firefighter one day. according to the Chicago Sun-Times, she’d gotten an after-school job was not just to have some spending money for herself, but to help her parents pay bills, the paper reports.

Angie Monroy Killed By Driver

Monroy was walking home from her job at a clothing store at around 9:45 p.m. on Saturday when a “vehicle travelling at a high speed began shooting indiscriminately. She ran for cover and hid behind a parked car, but the gunman’s bullet broke the vehicle’s window and struck Monroy in the head. The shooter was likely targeting someone else. He also pointed to escalating gang activity in the area as a factor in the shooting.

Angie Monroy Suspect?

according to CBS Chicago, No arrests have been made in the case and no suspects have been named. However, authorities told Monroy’s family that they are currently chasing down promising leads,

Angie Monroy Family

Monroy’s loved ones, including a brother who is currently studying law enforcement and hopes to be a detective, are mourning her loss.

“I want to become a police detective and hopefully do it for her, because nobody should ever be going through this ever again — nobody,” her brother.

“I feel like they honestly just took a piece of my heart because she was my best friend; my other half,” said her sister, Joselyn Monroy.