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Annette Schnatter Bio, Wiki, Age, Children, Net Worth : John Schnatter Wife

Annette Schnatter Bio

Annette cox schnatter is the wife of American entrepreneur and Papa John’s Pizza company John Schnatter. She filed for divorce on Thursday. The couple has been married for 32 years.  Annette Cox Schnatter’s decision to file for divorce does not appear to have come as a surprise. As referenced above, the couple has been separated since April.

John Schnatter Wife

Schnatter has been married to his wife, Annette, since 1987. The couple lives in Anchorage, Kentucky and has three children (Kristine Schnatter, Beau Schnatter, Danielle Schnatter).

Annette Schnatter filed a Divorce Petition

Annette filed a petition in Kentucky, allegedly saying we had separated since April 2019. They wrote that the marriage was broken. Under Kentucky law, married couples need not specify the exact reason they wish to divorce.

John Sinter, who started Papa John’s from his father’s bar in 1984, was forced to retire from the company’s chairmanship in July 2018 when he was heard using the N-word during a conference call.

Papa John’s Kentucky Franchise

Annette Cox Senator has been active in the pizza business with her devoted husband. She has been the owner of Papa John’s franchise since at least 1989, according to records on the Kentucky Secretary of State’s website.

The business is registered under the name of the corporation but also operates under the name of Papa John. The annual report, filed in June 2019, shows that fewer than 50 people work in the area. The franchise reportedly earns close to 1 million annually.

annette schnatter

KY Department of Annette Schnatter

Annette & John Schnatter Properties

The divorce between Annette and John Senator doesn’t look like it will be drawn into the legal system. USA Today reported that according to the divorce petition, it appears that the couple may have already entered into an agreement to distribute several of their properties.

John and Annette Schneider own an 18,000-square-foot mansion on an area of ​​15 acres in the Louisville neighbourhood of Anchorage. The property is reportedly worth $ 11 million, making it one of Louisville’s most expensive homes.

The family also owns a 6,000-square-foot condo in Naples, Florida. It was built in 1996 and the Schnatter’s purchased it for about $2.6 million. The property is now valued at more than $7 million, according to Zillow.

The Schnatter also owns a condo in Deer Valley, Utah that has an estimated value of $23 million. The condo is located at a ski resort

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