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Anthony Todt
Anthony Todt

Anthony Todt Biography – Wiki

Anthony Todt is a physical therapist from Kissimmee, Florida, He is charged with killing his wife, their three young children and a dog in an affluent suburb near Walt Disney World. Todt has been charged with their deaths died from overdoses of Benadryl and “unspecified violence. When authorities entered the Todt’s home, they immediately could smell the bodies decomposing, records show. Anthony Todt told officials his wife was sleeping and his kids were away for a sleepover, but officers soon found their bodies upstairs, wrapped in blankets.


On LinkedIn, Tony Todt said he was the owner of Family Physical Therapy in Colchester and East Hampton Connecticut for more than 11 years. He listed no other employment. He wrote that he had an MSPT in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University. He is also affiliated with an LLC called Performance Edge Sports. However, his state license expired in September, and his wife’s was about to expire too.

However, authorities now allege that Tony Todt was “fraudulently charging tens of thousands of dollars in fake physical therapy appointments,” according to Hartford Courant, which said he closed the practice in November.

The Facebook page for Family Physical Therapy describes it as the following: “At Family PT in CT, we use patient-centered approaches to focus on the whole individual, together, as a family. Our experienced clinicians will help you set and reach your goals – from improving daily tasks to training athletes. No matter the cause, we will create a plan that will ensure your success each time you walk through our door!”

Wife, Children

Anthony Todt’s wife’s name is Megan, The Couple has three children sons, Alex, 13, 4-year-old daughter, Zoe and Tyler, 11.

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A number of officers report that when they entered the Disney vacation home on January 13 to arrest Todt on a separate charge, he was found just a few feet away from the marital bedroom. That is where he had stacked the decaying bodies of all four family members.

Police later found Megan lying in her marital bed with her four-year-old daughter wrapped in blankets at her feet, and the two boys, 11 and 13, on a mattress on the floor. The boys and Megan were also covered with blankets.

Autopsy reports

The complete autopsies for the wife and three children of Anthony Todt, who was found dead in their Celebration home in January, determined they were killed by “unspecified violence” combined with overdoses of Benadryl.

The official cause of death for Megan Todt, 42, and the couple’s children, Alek, 13, Tyler, 11, and Zoe, 4, was “homicidal violence of unspecified means,” along with “diphenhydramine toxicity,” the drug more commonly known as Benadryl, according to the reports released Tuesday by the Medical Examiner.

Anthony Todt, 44, has been indicted on four counts of first-degree murder in their deaths, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Todt also faces a charge of animal cruelty for killing the family’s dog, Breezy. It is not clear how Breezy was killed.