Arkady Pavlovich Pichurin

Arkady Pavlovich Pichurin Wiki – Arkady Pavlovich Pichurin Biography

Arkady Pavlovich Pichurin is a 26 year old male from Rochester, Minneapolis. Pichurin recently pleaded guilty to producing child pornography using his Snapchat account.

Pichurin pleads guilty. “A Rochester man pleaded guilty today to producing sexually explicit images and videos of a minor,” Acting US Attorney W. Anders Folk said. [DOJ]

DOJ: minor sexually exploited by Pichurin via Snapchat. “According to court documents, between November 8, 2020 and January 8, 2021, Arkady, 26, sexually exploited a minor aged nine to ten at the time. Pichurin, who contacted the minor using various instant messaging and texting services including Snapchat, lied about his age and identity to carry out his sexual exploitation of the minor. ” [DOJ]

American lawyer: Pichurin’s actions “particularly egregious”. “This is a particularly egregious case involving an adult using popular social media apps to prey on and exploit dozens of children,” said Acting United States Attorney W. Anders Folk. [DOJ]

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