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Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was a 6-years-old child who Murdered by his father. A court has ruled that Arthur Labenjo Hughes was killed by his alleged “bullying” father and that his stepmother suffered the same brain injuries as the victims of the motorway accident.

Labenjo-Hughes reportedly died of “unbearable brain injuries” after months of abuse, including salt poisoning.

Emma Teston, 32, and Thomas Hughes, 29, are alleged to have subjected Arthur to systematic torture, including forcing him to walk for 14 hours a day.

He denies numerous counts of murder and child abuse.


He was 6-years-old.


Prosecutor Jonas Hanken told a jury today that Tustin was at home with Arthur on June 16, 2020, when he inflicted fatal injuries on him in the hallway at 2:29 p.m.

The jury was shown footage of Tustin Arthur’s limp body being carried to the kitchen and back to the room where he laid it on the floor.

The jury was told he tried to bring Arthur up, but his eyes were closed, and he fell to one side. Tustin then went to the kitchen and called Hughes.

Tustin then walks over to Arthur on the couch before Hughes arrives at 2:37 p.m. and begins to press his chest.

Mr Hankin said Tuston called 999 at 2.42pm.

He said: “The call lasted for eight minutes. Instructions were being given by the call operator on how to perform rescue breaths.

After that, 999 calls were heard to the jury.

“He hit his head very hard,” Tustin told the operator.

Asked if Arthur was breathing, he replied: “Hardly breathing in and out.”

Tustin was then heard to say: “We’ve been having a little trouble with this for the last two months.”

She adds: “He threw himself on the floor. He hit the floor head-butt.”

Tustin then says: “The Big Bang has knocked him out. He’s breathing. He’s barely breathing.”

She later added: “There were large lumps on his head where he beat himself.”

Mr Hanken told the court that during the 999 calls, a neighbor came into the room and took compression on Arthur.

Arthur suffered an “incredible” brain injury at his home in Cranmore Road, Solhole.

He died during the early hours of the next day.

The trial is ongoing.

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