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Ashley Benefield is a 28-year-old former ballerina from Charleston, South Carolina. She has been accused of murdering her husband, Doug Benefield, 58 years old. She was the founder of the American National Ballet. The case of Ashley and Doug Benefield was featured on CBS’ 48 Hours as “The Black Swan Murder?” Ashley Charged With Murder In November 2020. 


Ashley Benefield is a 28-year-old.

Facts You Need To Know

Ashley is a former ballerina and swimsuit model who founded a groundbreaking ballet company. She is also called a killer, charged with murdering her husband, Doug Benefield, in Florida.

How this beautiful dancer and creative spirit became accused of something so ugly is the focus of “The Black Swan Murder?” an all-new “48 Hours” reported by contributor Jim Axelrod. [cbsnews]

To some, Ashley is a woman who fought back from alleged abuse. To others, she’s a manipulative murderer who shot her husband so she would not have to share custody of their daughter.

On a night in September 2020, she walked to her neighbor’s house and said she shot her husband Doug Benefield in self-defense. But was it?

The former ballerina and bikini model were, some say, similar to the devious character in the theatrical film “Black Swan.” Ashley and Doug Benefield had known each other for just 13 days before they got married. She was 24; he was 54 and a widower. Four years later, it ended with one of them dead and the other charged with second-degree murder. [cbsnews]

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