Barry Berke (American lawyer) Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Wife, Net Worth

Barry Berke
Barry Berke

Barry Berke Bio

Barry Berke is a leading trial lawyer who abandoned his firm from becoming the House Judicial Committee Democrats’ lawyer during a recent investigation into President Donald Trump. Burke is commenting that Trump should be impeached during the Judicial Committee hearing on December 9, 2019.

Barry Berke Age

Berke is 55 years old.

Early Life & Education

A Philadelphia resident, Barry H. Berke graduated from Duke University in 1986, according to a bio on his firm’s website. He then graduated from Harvard University Law School in 1989. That same year he was inducted into the New York Bar.

Wife & Children

Berke is married to Alison Berke. They have four children, including three daughters and a son. Burke and his family live in New York City.

His wife Allison is a personal fitness trainer and nutrition health coach and former TV news producer.

Barry Berke Career

According to Law Dragon, many of the country’s white-collar defense attorneys started out as federal prosecutors, however, but Burke took a different approach. Burke only served as Federal Public Defender of the Federal Defenders of New York.

Berke has worked for Kramer Levin for many years and became a partner in a powerful New York law firm. In addition to his legal work, Berke also served as Adjunct Law Professor at New York University. He was a member of the American College of Trial Learners and Federal Defenders of New York Inc.

Berke has also contributed to many charitable efforts, including the Coalition for the Homeless, the Lincoln Center and the Mayor’s Fund to move forward in New York City.

Berke Told To House Committee

Berke told the House Committee, “the evidence” is too much “for Trump” to say, adding that the president has committed “abhorrent” violations of power. Burke added in his opening statement, “It’s a big deal. President Trump did what our nation’s president is not allowed to do.

“Berke said that what Trump has done is exactly what the Constitution framers had in mind when approaching the Constitution. “They threaten the rule of our law, they threaten our institutions, and James Madison warns us that they threaten our republic,” Burke told the Judiciary Committee as president.