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According to Benjamin Hannam Bio, Wiki and Biography, He is a metropolitan police officer convicted under terror laws as the force admitted that its vetting system “will never be completely perfect.”

His One grandparent is gay. Another step-grandparent is Jewish. He was a member of the extreme right-wing group National Action, which was banned in 2016 for its white supremacist ideology, and is believed to be the first serving British police officer to be found guilty of terrorism offenses.


Benjamin Hannam is 22-year-old.


At school, he had a girlfriend of Mauritian and Muslim heritage and friends from various ethnic backgrounds.


A teacher told the trial she had been unable to mark one essay submitted by Hannam – the first time this had happened in 20 years of teaching – because of “concerning content” and his “intolerance” towards Islam.

He was also spoken to after students at his diverse school reacted to the “anti-immigration” views he espoused during a debate.


He joined the Met Police in 2018, was arrested in 2019 at his home in north London, where police seized far-right material, including Benito Mussolini’s book, The Doctrine on Fascism, posters of German Nazi soldiers, and the manifesto written by the Norweigan terrorist Anders Breivik.

Police also found a guide on using knives and weapons in combat, alongside an image with the caption ‘make genocide great again’ on a USB stick. 

Mr. Hannam was found guilty of being a proscribed organization on Thursday and guilty of fraud for lying about his far-right background on his application form to the Met Police.

 In July 2017, two months before he ceased being an active member of National Action, Mr. Hannam applied to join the force. He was asked whether he had ever been a member of the British National Party or “similar groups,” which he denied. 

 Just a few weeks before sending off his application, Mr. Hannam spent the day with other far-right figures spray painting fascist symbols on a storm drain in the outskirts of Swindon.

Neo-Nazi Group

Counter-terror police seized clear, raw footage of these events in September that year when they arrested NA co-founders, Alex Davies and Mark Jones. But, despite the small numbers at each gathering, Hannam was not identified. Different counter-terror teams around the UK had responsibility for other group members, but some people – who may have appeared peripheral – were not a focus.

Investigations had already revealed several soldiers were members of an NA chat group. One soldier, Mikko Vehvilainen, was stockpiling weapons and would later be convicted of membership. During exchanges with other senior figures, Vehvilainen said members should focus on gaining “military and key civil positions.”


Hannam was only caught after anti-fascists leaked data online from the Iron March forum. Detectives reviewed IP addresses for British forum users, tracing Hannam’s account to his north London home.

The police investigation found no evidence he had been involved with NA after July 2017. However, there are hints that he did not break all contact with his past.

Even before his arrest, the group people knew that one of their former members had joined the police, the BBC has established. Hannam also continued to access and save disturbing content, including an image glorifying the perpetrator of New Zealand’s Christchurch massacre.

In November 2018, he saved a photo to his phone of NA associate Oskar Dunn-Kaczorowski, who was arrested for terrorism offenses the following month, but whose image was not yet public. Hannam claimed he simply chanced across it online in court, but how it actually came into his possession is unclear.

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