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Beto Perez
Beto Perez

Beto Perez Bio

Beto Perez is a 49 years old Colombian dancer and Businessman. He used a love of Latin dancing, innate charisma, dreams of success after a hardscrabble background in Colombia and the persistence and vision of an entrepreneur to invent a new fitness phenomenon, which started in Miami but is now known worldwide as “Zumba.”

Quick Bio
Birth Date March 15, 1970
Birth Place Cali, Colombia
Parents María del Carmen Perez
Age 49 years
Profession dancer
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Beto Perez was born on March 15, 1970, in Cali, Colombia. He is a Colombian dancer, who known for creating the exercise fitness program Zumba.

Pérez was raised in Cali, Colombia by a single mother and was working three jobs by age 14 to support his family.

His passion was dancing, but he could not afford dance lessons. After he won a national lambada contest in Colombia, he was accepted to one of Cali’s best academies to study dance while he taught step aerobics in return.

Beto Perez Background

Beto Perez calls himself a son who migrated with a dream from Cali, Colombia.

In June 2019, he posted this quote on Facebook: Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt and dance like no one is watching.

Perez was raised by a single mom named María del Carmen Perez. At age 14, Alberto Beto Perez’s mother was injured by a stray bullet.

To help support them, he worked three jobs, Reader’s Digest Reports. A television series in Colombia called Nadie me quite lo bailao was based on Perez’s success story.

He described to El Tiempo how he doesn’t have siblings, aunts or uncles, so he’s especially close to his mom.

“She is a hard-working woman, a fighter who gave me an education and my whole life is based around my mother, on getting her where she wants to be, on fulfilling her dreams. Although we are very different,” he told the site. “She is very decent, shy, calm. I am a crazy troublemaker.”

Beto Perez Zumba

Beto Perez created the exercise fitness program Zumba in the 1990s which involves dance and aerobic exercise elements with accompanying music, specifically Latin, and associated martial arts moves, squats, lunges, and other aerobic techniques.

He was having a difficult time getting Miami to accept his dance classes. According to Reader’s Digest, that all changed when, in 1999, a fitness center manager said, “Teach me.” He started a class for just that one woman, but other people soon wandered in.

“After 20 minutes,” says Perez to Reader’s Digest, “I had about 15 people. They thought it was a new class and wanted to sign up.” The manager liked what she saw and asked Perez to run a class every week. That was the start of it.

“I was ten minutes late,” he told the magazine of his first class. “I didn’t know how to say ‘I’m sorry,’ but I played music, and they loved it.” Here’s a picture of Beto holding a cassette from his first aerobics class:

Beto Perez Sex Tape Scandal

Beto Perez told El Tiempo that he didn’t return to Colombia for 14 years because of “this mess that happened with and actress (Luly Bossa) that was my girlfriend.

I was offended a bit because they accused me and condemned me (of leaking a sex video) without giving me the chance to defend myself.” He told the site he never leaked sex tape.

Las2Orillas reported that Bossa claimed otherwise in a book. The site described a video circulated “in the streets of all Colombia” that showed explicit scenes “where the choreographer and gym instructor Alberto Pérez, had relations with three different women in different places.” reported that Perez and Luly Bossa were “protagonists of one of the most important sexual scandals in the country.” Bossa has given interviews lamenting that the scandal tarnished her professionally but alleging that Beto had tried to give her financial help.

Over the years, he’s been photographed at the side of some beautiful women, though, including fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee. That was back in 2014, though, and there’s no evidence they confirmed a relationship (but the pictures of them at the beach show a lot of PDA.) Here are more Beto Perez-Jennifer Nicole Lee beach pictures. Jennifer Nicole Lee has been married, to Edward Lee, and has two children. There is no sign of Beto on her Instagram page.