Bill Omar Carrasquillo Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Youtuber, Net Worth

Bill Omar Carrasquillo
Bill Omar Carrasquillo

Bill Omar Carrasquillo Bio

Bill Omar Carrasquillo is a Youtuber. His channel has been growing at a rapid speed and has more than 485K subscribers. He shares all the happenings of his daily life on the Internet.

Earlier Life and Work

He was born on September 6, 1986; his childhood saw him struggle with a lot of things. While his father was a well-known property dealer in Philadelphia, his mother could not spend more time with him as she suffered from addiction. This saw Omar’s custody being taken away from her, and he started living with his father and his stepmother.

At a very young age, he made his mind to earn fame and respect in everyone’s eye. He started his channel at a very young age but could not pay attention to it due to the poor financial stability of his family.

He diverted his work and took up the job of a freelance app developer, which changed his life forever. His work boosted his confidence and also helped him in improving his entrepreneurial instincts. There was no looking back after it, and his net worth jumped to more than 50 million dollars.

Today, he has 30 workers working under him. Bill has got more than 300 properties in Philadelphia and nearby areas. He is one of the most popular names in the housing business.

Bill Omar Carrasquillo Youtube Channel

He has more than 485K subscribers on his youtube channel. His content is a complete reflection of his work, and he shares all the happenings of his daily life on the Internet. Remembering the tough phase of his life, Bill was earlier quoted saying, Giving up was never an option.

I knew that my sacrifice would pay off someday to my family. He is a firm believer of the fact that there is no cost for determination and ambition. It is essential to work hard to fulfil your dreams as nobody else will do it for you.

FBI Raids Omi in a Hellcat

The FBI raided Omi in a Hellcat’s home, the YouTuber said in a November 20 video.

Carrasquillo made a live stream on FBI raid and said authorities took everything. Carrasquillo, a Philadelphia native, is the founder of Gears TV reloaded, an IPTV app for Firestick. The app allows viewers to watch premium cable content as well as sports, regardless of geographic location.

Carrasquillo told viewers in his YouTube video that he said was being filmed in a friend’s home in Philadelphia, This isn’t clickbait. This isn’t fake; this is not fake. This is 100% real.

Carrasquillo asked his subscribers to buy his merchandise when it drops to help to support him. He said that his cars had been seized but that he had recently sold some of them before the raid. Carrasquillo listed other things that were seized, including every SD card, every camera, every television in my house.

He added, They only thing they didn’t take was my dick because it’s attached to my balls. Carrasquillo went on to say that agents took Xboxes, they took computers, laptops, cellphones. They didn’t even leave drones. A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania told Heavy, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation. The FBI has also declined to comment on the studyinvestigation.