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Khari Sanford is based in Middleton Wisconsin, according to the WKO. His Facebook page says Madison goes to West High School and Madison lives in Wisconsin. He says he uses the BalloutKhari101 handle on his other Chicago-based social media.

His Facebook page shows he was selling video games in a post on Mach 26. He wrote that if you want all sports then that price is an extra thirty dollars or else it is five dollars per game. We can only allocate it if you are going to buy it.

The VINE link, which allows people to track inmates, listed it with the date of 2001 May as the Khari Obadiah Terral San Ford, and they say they were arrested by the Dean County Sheriff’s Office. Which they detained on the VINE link.

Khari Sanford Biography

Khari Sanford identified as the suspect in the murder of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband, He accused in the homicides of a beloved University of Wisconsin physician. A photo was shared on Facebook & Sanford, which showed he had a gun and made negative comments against the police, whose motive is unclear. Police said in a press release that they arrested him in a case that deeply disturbed Madison Medical and the football community.

public flooded social media by paying tribute to them, citing their caring personalities and good deeds. Today we can announce that through excellent police work and the help of many people in our community who have provided various suggestions late into the night, UWPD officers have to give Khari San Ford at the age of eighteen. The cases were held in the Dean Country Jail. Written by 1st Degree International Murder and Madison Police. The police chief called victims remark-able individuals who positively impacted to lives of so many.

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He is just 18 years old as of 2020.

Khari Sanford Facebook

On Facebook, Sanford, 18, shared a brazen photo showing him holding a gun and made comments about policing the police. He also recently received a deferred prosecution in an auto theft case, according to Wisconsin court records. The motive for the murders is not clear, but he listed on Facebook that he attended the same high school as the victims’ daughter and two sons. The Potter/Carre daughter wrote comments on Facebook that indicate she had been in a relationship with Sanford. “hey bae ❤️,” she wrote on a Facebook post of Sanford’s 13 weeks ago.

Forty-two weeks ago, Sanford wrote on Facebook, “we gon change this world, cause it’s time to let our diversity and youth shine over all oppressive systems and rebuild our democracy✊🏽😤.” In 2019, he wrote, “Used to be a wild child I had to calm down.” He also wrote: “…came from nothin😤🤘🏽.”

Arrest and Charge

Police said in a news release that they made an arrest in the case, which deeply upset the Madison medical and soccer communities. People flooded social media with tributes to Potter and Carre, describing their caring personalities and good deeds. “Today, we are able to announce that through exceptional police work and with the help of many in our community who provided numerous tips, late last night UWPD officers arrested 18-year-old Khari Sanford – Sanford has been booked into the Dane County Jail on two counts of Party to a Crime for First Degree Intentional Homicide,” Madison police wrote.

The police chief called the victims “remarkable individuals who positively impacted the lives of so many.”

Carre was also an independent education consultant. The bodies were found near the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, and both victims were located in a ditch, according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department.

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