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Brad McQuaid
Brad McQuaid Bio

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Brad McQuaid was a 51-years-old video game designer from America. He was the principal designer of EverQuest, a highly successful massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 1999.

Brad McQuaid Age

He was born in 1968 and died on 18 November 2019. He has died at the age of 51.

Earlier Life and Career

Brad McQuaid begin in the video recreation enterprise got here in 1989 when he co-founded MicroGenesis with Steve Clover. In their free time, they created WarWizard, a shareware role-playing video sport that they launched in 1993.

McQuaid started as the project’s lead programmer but was made the producer and one of the lead designers. While EverQuest was being developed, Origin Systems launched Ultima Online in 1997, which became the top MMORPG.

EverQuest became a huge hit, and within months of its March 1999 launch, it topped the subscription numbers held by Ultima Online. PC Gamer called McQuaid one of the “Next Game Gods” in its November 2000 issue, believing that he would eventually become one of the industry’s most influential game developers.

He had been the chief creative officer at Sony Online Entertainment. McQuaid joined the gaming giant as a programmer in 1996. He left Sony in 2002 to set up his shop, Sigil Games, which was later purchased by Sony. McQuaid would work again for Sony in 2012 but left in 2013.

Death and Cause

Brad McQuaid died at his home on 18th November 2019 aged 51. Visionary Realms director of communications Benjamin Dean paid tribute in a post.

Dean described McQuaid as a visionary, a mentor, an artist, a trailblazer, a friend, a husband, a father. Dean added that McQuaid had sadly passed away at his home. Dean also said that McQuaid had changed the landscape of video games forever.