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Braden Ellis
Braden Ellis

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According to Braden Ellis wiki, Bio and Biography, She is a student of Cypress College California. A professor was borderline enraged when one of her students said he believed cops were heroes, and the exchange is fascinating.

The argument erupted when Ellis defended the police after he gave his Zoom presentation at Cypress College, in California.


Braden Ellis’s age is 19-years-old.

Braden Ellis Calls Police “Heroes”

Ellis was in a zoom lecture with his professor at Cypress College. Ellis told the class he believed the majority of police were good people and acknowledged there were bad cops who should be disciplined.

The professor shot back there is little to no accountability when cops cross the line … and the stats support her position. Ellis didn’t disagree but stood his ground and maintained most cops joined their police forces to protect and serve and therefore deserved hero status.

Ellis answered: “I think they are heroes, in a sense, because they come to your need and help you.”

When Ellis asked the professor if she would call the police if she were in trouble, she insisted she would not.

“I don’t trust them. My life is in more danger in their presence,” she said, ending the discussion before she could be queried further.

On Saturday, Ellis told The Post the situation was reflective of the far left’s influence on campuses nationwide.

“Liberal ideology is bad right now and people need to expose it and fight back — with gentleness and respect. Imagine if we don’t fight back now? What will they teach us in 10 years? It would be pure hatred,” Ellis said. “I have another [teacher] who is just as bad. These teachers just spew divisiveness and hatred toward our country.”

The college, which is outside Anaheim, said Friday the professor would not be returning.

“The adjunct professor will be taking a leave of absence for the duration of her assignment at Cypress College. This was her first course at Cypress and she had previously indicated her intention to not return in the fall,” the school said.

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