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Brandon Grossheim
Brandon Grossheim

Brandon Grossheim Bio: He is a member of Fraternity and former student at Truman State University in Missouri, who, 5 of his advised his friends on how to commit suicide.

Brandon Grossheim Education

He attended Truman State University in Missouri and was a member of Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity.

Brandon Grossheim Suicide Advice

He is taken to have killed five of his friends who considered himself a superhero named Peacemaker. They died by suicide during the 2016-17 school and were found in the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity house.


Grossheim victims were Alex Mullins, Joshua Thomas, Jake Hughes, named as John Doe 1, John Doe 2 and, Jane doe.

Brandon Grossheim Victims’ Parents

Grossheim is being sued by parents of two of the students, Alex Mullins, 21, from Kansas City, and Joshua Thomas, 18, from St. Louis.

Brandon Grossheim Allegations

The attorney representing the parents of Thomas and Mullins, Nicole Gorovsky, said Grossheim’s psychological manipulation contributed to the deaths. The victims were vulnerable and suffered from depression yet, the University still allowed Grossheim to be alone and have unfettered access to the victims.

The lawsuit filed on Wednesday in the Circuit Court of Adair County in Missouri named the university, the fraternity, and Grossheim as defendants.

The lawsuit accuses Grossheim of giving step-by-step instructions on how to commit suicide to deal with depression and do their own free will, no criminal charges have been filed. Grossheim took clothes, drugs, and cash and began dating one of the deceased girlfriends.

Alex Mullins’ Mother;

In a statement, Mullins’ mother, Melissa Bottorff-Arey, said her son was “funny, caring and smart” and went to Truman to “build his future.”
“At college, in a ‘brotherhood’, you think your kids are ‘safe & cared
for,’” she said. “Within just months there were 4 more young people gone. There were too many similarities, one person in common & so many questions … it’s time for answers.”

Joshua Thomas’ Mother;

Thomas’s mother, Suzanne Thomas, described her son as an “intelligent and kind young man with a bright future ahead of him.”
“We were so saddened and shocked to learn he suffered so much after going to TSU and joining the fraternity,” she said.

Victims’ Parents Seeks Compensation

Melissa Bottorff-Arey and Michael and Susan Thomas are seeking monetary compensation. The jury would determine the amount.

Victims Tribute

A Facebook page that appears to belong to Grossheim includes tributes to Mullins, Thomas, and Hughes.

‘I love you bud,” Grossheim wrote in his tribute to Thomas, whom he referred to as “one of my best friends.”

“I know I told you that a lot, and it made me happy to know that you knew I meant it,” the post states. “We’ve been through a lot, together, and we grew very close. It upsets me to lose you.

I was so glad to be working with you because it’d give us more time to hang out. I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. I hope that you are in a better place, now, and that you’ve found a peace of mind. Again, I love you.”

In a birthday post dedicated to Hughes after his death, Grossheim wrote: “God, I miss you.” He also wrote: “I promise that I will do my best to make my life as good as both of us deserved combined, and I promise you that you’d have enjoyed/maybe will enjoy watching every minute of it. I love you buddy, and miss you a lot.”