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In June 2020, Trevone Miller, 20, shot and killed Brayla Stone, 17, headshot in a pickup truck parked on a trail in Sherwood. Shortly after Stone’s disappearance was reported, a passerby discovered the deceased teenager in the vehicle; She was lying face down on the front passenger floor with her legs on the seat’s headrest, according to The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

An Arkansas man was sentenced to 50 years on Friday, more than a year after he killed a transgender teenager to hide their use**sexual relationship. Miller was 18 at the time of the murder last year. He pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in Stone’s death.

One of Stone’s friends told police that the day before Stone was found murdered, she learned that Miller was in a relationship with a 19-year-old woman. The friend said she was on the phone with Stone while waiting for Miller outside her home, and Stone ended the call when Miller approached her, according to The Democrat-Gazette.


Brayla Stone was 17 years old.

Arkansas Man Gets 50-Year Sentence in Death of Trans Teen.

The friend told police that Stone spoke to people about his relationship with Miller, even though Miller paid Stone for his silence. According to the friend, Stone’s body was found is significant because Miller regularly went there to have sex.

The woman Miller was dating claimed that Stone told Miller that he was going public with their relationship, and Miller was afraid that people would think he was gay. The woman said she and others were aware of Miller’s plan to assassinate Stone but did not take it seriously, the Democrat-Gazette reported.

Shortly after Stone was found dead, Miller’s manager at Arby’s contacted Sherwood police and implicated him in Stone’s death. The manager said that the day before Stone’s body was found, Miller called her and told her that he had “screwed up big time” and that he would not be back at work for a long time if he ever would.

When the manager asked Miller what he was doing, he instructed him to watch the news. 

Miller was 14 years old at the murder, and six months later, he reached an agreement with prosecutors requiring him to testify against his two accomplices to have the capital murder charge dropped. He did not need to testify as the other two suspects pleaded guilty to the robbery and first-degree murder charges. Miller must serve at least 35 years of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.

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