Who Is Albert Clifford Wilkes? Accused Of Biting Ear Of Brother

Brenda Kay Thomas Wiki – Brenda Kay Thomas Biography

Brenda Kay Thomas is a 51-year-old woman from Golden Valley, Arizona. Police charged Thomas with shooting a police assistant in the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office in his hand.

Thomas is now charged with attempted murder.

Police say They responded to a report of a woman walking into a Maverick County store with a gun.

Officers say Thomas was uncooperative and combative with MPs when they arrived at the scene.

As they tried to arrest her for disorderly conduct, MPs say she grabbed the officer’s gun and shot him in the hand.

The situation was reportedly resolved after another deputy shot the woman with his stun gun.

The Sheriff’s Department said Thomas would now be charged with attempted second degree homicide.

The MP was taken to hospital for his injuries for treatment.

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