Brian Monet Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Divorce

Brian Monet Biography
Brian Monet Biography

Brian Monet Biography

50 years old Brian Monet is an advertising executive from America. He is the 3rd husband of Ulrika Jonsson who is a Swedish media personality.

Ulrika Jonsson is known for presenting the weather program TV-am, the sports entertainment game show Gladiators and as the captain of the comedy panel show Shooting Stars. The couple has since separated.

Brian Monet Wife (Ulrika Jonsson)

He was married to Ulrika Jonsson on March 2008. She had been previously married twice.

Ulrika’s 1st marriage was with John Turnbull which ended in 1995 after five years. They had one child together, a son known as Cameron.

In 2003 Ulrika married Lance Gerrard-Wright after they met on reality TV show Mr. Right but they separated in 2005. They had one daughter together, Martha.

She has a fourth child, a daughter named Bo who was born in 2000 from a previous relationship with the German hotel manager, Markus Kempen.

Brian together with his estranged wife Ulrika has one son together, Malcolm born in 2008.

Brian Monet and Ulrika Jonsson Divorce

They had renewed their wedding vows in 2012 in a ceremony in Barbados. Brian and Ulrika are parents to their son Malcolm who was born in June 2008.

Speaking about the divorce from Monet, Ulrika had this to say, You can only resolve problems with another person.

If I’m honest, getting another divorce aged 51 is not where I thought I would be, so who knows?

I just don’t know what shape my future will take. I can’t contemplate dating again. Then again, I’ve said I will never marry again before, and I did.

I’ve been content being out of the limelight. I haven’t craved it but, that said, I do need to live.

She, however, made it clear that she didn’t actually want to have an affair as much as she just wanted to do something that would make her former husband pay more attention to her.