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According to Brittany Higgins Bio, Wiki and Biography, She is an Australian Liberal Staffer who claims she was rapped in the Parliament House back in 2009.

In the allegation, she says that a man working for then-defence industry minister Linda Reynolds took the then 24-year-old female media staffer into Parliament House after a Friday night drinking session in March 2019 and allegedly raped her inside the defence industry minister’s office.


Brittany Higgins is 26 years old as of 2020.


Higgin who was a junior staffer then was just four weeks into her role at the time. Her story follows those of other women who have spoken out about the inappropriate treatment they experienced working at Parliament House.

Statting the reason she continued working as a staffer, she said she felt like she was asked to choose between making a formal complaint and keeping her job. After a stint working for Employment Minister Michaelia Cash, Ms Higgins has now resigned from working for the Government.

Formal Complaint

ACT Police confirmed they had spoken to a complainant in April 2019 but the complainant chose not to make a formal complaint. “Victims always have a say in how far a police investigation goes, can determine that a matter not proceed to prosecution, and can withdraw from the process at any time,” police said.

“It is not uncommon for an investigation to halt, not proceed to prosecution, or to be recommenced at a later time, at the request of a victim.”

Higgins said she chose not to make a formal complaint because of her desire at the time to protect the reputation of the Liberal Party and to maintain her “dream job”. She said she was given the option to work on the May 2019 election campaign in Western Australia — Senator Reynolds’s home state — or to go home to the Gold Coast.

She said she was told she wouldn’t have a job after the election if she went to the Gold Coast.

Prime Minister’s Office Statement

A statement from a member of the Prime Minister’s Office said the reports were “deeply distressing”.

“Throughout the entire process, the overriding concern for Government was to support Ms Higgins’ welfare in whatever way possible. At all times, guidance was sought from Ms Higgins as to how she wished to proceed and to support and respect her decisions.”

Days after the alleged incident a meeting was held between Senator Reynolds, Ms Higgins, and a senior staffer inside the minister’s office — the scene of the alleged crime. The Prime Minister’s Office conceded holding the meeting at this location was an “oversight”.

“Given the seriousness of the incident, consideration should have been made to the location of the meeting with Ms Higgins, and in hindsight, that oversight is regretted.”

Senator Reynolds, who is now the Defence Minister, told the Senate she was “extremely concerned” for Ms Higgins’s wellbeing. “Women should be safe and they should feel safe in the workplace at all times,” she said.

“My only priority throughout this matter was the welfare of my then-staff member and ensuring that she received the support that she needed. That included ensuring she was clear about the support available to her, and her right to make a formal complaint to the Australian Federal Police, should she choose to do so.”

She added she “was at pains to ensure that my staff member felt empowered to determine how she wanted to handle the matter, and that remains the case”.

Senator Reynolds said she did not know the alleged incident had occurred in the office when she arranged the meeting and said she would have conducted the meeting elsewhere had she known.

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