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Bryan James Riley is a man from Lakeland, Florida, shooting and killing four people in the town. Four people died in Florida, including an infant, after an armored Riley shot them before attacking deputies Sunday morning.


Bryan James Riley is 33-year-old.

Shooting Facts, You Need To Know

Lakeland police and deputies from Polk County said when they received 911 calls for an active shooter, they responded to the scene and saw a truck on fire and a man, identified as Riley, dressed in full body armor.

After police entered the house, they were fired upon. The officer returned fire, and the man surrendered to the cops.

Police found inside a man, woman, and infant shot to death. They also found an 11-year-old girl who had been shot seven times.

Police say they also found another woman dead in a house on the same property.

Girlfriend: Riley Believed He Could Speak To God. “She said a week ago he did security at a church, and he came home and stated he could speak to God. Throughout the week, he was buying supplies to provide relief for Hurricane Ida. She stated he became more erratic throughout the week but was not violent.”

Shooting Happened At North Socrum Loop Road In Lakeland. “Judd said around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, deputies were called to a home about a suspicious person on North Socrum Loop Road. When they arrived, a woman told them that a man, later identified as 33-year-old Bryan James Riley, said God sent him to her house to speak with one of her daughters.”

Police have identified Riley as a “survivalist” who told them he was on meth.”

Police say Riley was a Marine sharpshooter who was deployed in combat to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Police: Two Shootouts Happened. “Judd said two separate shootouts occurred “in short order” between police and the suspect, who surrendered after being wounded. Lakeland police and troopers from the Florida Highway Patrol were also involved.”

Police: Riley Was “Ready For Battle.” “He was ready for battle,” Sheriff Judd said of the gunman, who he said had told deputies that he was a “survivalist” and was taking methamphetamine.”

Riley’s LinkedIn page identifies him as a “Protection Specialist” working for Griffin Defense. Past employment is listed as an “executive protection agent” (bodyguard) for ESS Global and as a “guard team supervisor for Academi.”

He also says he worked closely with Nigerian Mobile Security in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2017 “to provide close protection to clients.”

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