Carl Ruiz

Who is Carl Ruiz (Chef) Bio, Wiki, Age, Death, 5 Fast Facts

Carl Ruiz Bio

Carl Ruiz was a television celebrity chef and restaurateur from New York, USA. He has died on 22 September 2019 at the age of 44. He graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York.

Carl Ruiz Career

He worked for more than 25 years in the food and restaurant industry. Throughout his prolific 25+ years in the food and restaurant industry.

Carl opened restaurants all over the globe, built a successful television and radio career, and headlined world-famous culinary events.

Carl Ruiz has worked at restaurants around the world, including as a chef on Prince Edward’s Island in Canada.

He made a name for himself interviewing chefs on Sirius XM Radio before building a successful television and radio career, according to La Cubana’s website.

Carl Ruiz Wife / Children

He had married Marie Riccio, but they divorced, and together they have two children. They previously owned Marie’s Italian Specialities in New Jersey in 2011.

It’s not eating-fava-beans-in-flip-flops-in-Tuscany Italian. It’s American Italian. It’s lay-down-on-your-couch-for-three-hours-afterward Italian; he told the newspaper in 2014.

The Couple shared the cooking duties equally. My wife is Sicilian; he told The Times. If the place weren’t called Marie’s, I’d be in trouble. However, when the couple divorced, Riccio took over the restaurant.

Carl Ruiz La Cubana

He opened his Cuban restaurant in New York City to pay tribute to his Cuban roots; it’s located in NYC’s Meatpacking district.

it has been described as a vibrant new dining destination where authentic Cuban cuisine, vintage cocktails, and live Latin music set the stage for a colorful, old-world Havana-inspired experience. In addition to serving dinner, La Cubana also host’s a signature Cuban brunch each weekend.

He describes the restaurant’s menu as, The list’s a mixture of my favorites growing up that my mom and grandmother would make and stuff that I picked up in Miami and Orlando, some old-school dishes that were disappearing.


The traditional thing is satisfying to make. Carl added during an interview in June that, I think time and experience make a difference, he said in the June 2019 interview. “Every restaurant has its personality. This one is a little bit more Cuban.

Cooking techniques have advanced in the last 15 years. Things taste better with the quality of products and variety of purveyors today and access to international products. It’s a lot easier than it was.

Death and Cause

Chef Carl Ruiz was found dead after apparently suffering a heart attack in his sleep. His friends confirmed his death on an Instagram post on Sunday, September 22nd. 2019. He was 44 years old.


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