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Catherine Khan died after being pulled out of Lamborghini in Bookhead. Late Monday night, a Metro Atlanta woman started a fight with a man, investigators said. At one point, the two entered Lamborghini, where police say the clash is ongoing.


She was 28 years old.

Event details

A woman was killed overnight in Bookhead after being pulled out of a car on Padmont and Peach Tree Roads.

It happened at about 11 o’clock on the night of October 10.

According to a friend, the 28-year-old girl fought to get her wallet back from someone who believed she had stolen her wallet. It was my grandmother’s purse that died.

Upon arrival, police found the woman unconscious on the road. He was taken to hospital but succumbed to his injuries. Preliminary investigations show that the woman may have been pushed or knocked down by a moving vehicle. The driver fled the scene.

She was identified as 28-year-old Catherine, according to the Fulton County Medical Inspector’s Office.

Family statement.

Catherine Khan’s father said he was an organ donor. Her father says the doctor told her he could save both children as a result.

Lovers described Khan’s personality as contagious. She was a backhead bartender who is known for welcoming people.

“She was able to make everyone laugh. She made everyone she met feel special, loved and important,” said friend Elizabeth Burrell. “Unfortunately

In fact, he is no longer with us. Now we have to deal with that.

This or that – they pay for what they do. ”


Detectives said it was too early to say whether the victim had been pushed out of Lamborghini or perhaps jumped to avoid a fight. They are watching surveillance videos and talking to witnesses, hoping to gather what happened.

Anyone with information about this case should call the Atlanta Police Department.

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