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Ceon Broughton is a 31-years-old Rapper, who jailed after filming his girlfriend, Louella Fletcher-Michie. He was convicted after he shot harrowing footage of his girlfriend overdosing on his mobile phone for six hours as she screamed, ‘This ain’t acid. I was not expecting this’.

Ceon Broughton is a rapper from Enfield, North London. The musician who performs under the name CEONRPG has worked with the Mercury-winning artist Skepta. Broughton has previously worked alongside other well-known grime artists such as Wiley.

He was pictured among some artists alongside London mayor Sadiq Khan at the Mobo awards last year. He has been convicted of manslaughter about Louella’s death after he “bumped up” her dose of a so-called party drug and then filmed her as she suffered an extreme reaction.

Broughton was also found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of supplying Louella with the drug 2-CP before her death at the Bestival music festival. He was jailed for eight and a half years in 2019 for the end of Louella Fletcher-Michie.

Who is Louella Fletcher-Michie?

Louella Fletcher-Michie was the daughter of Street actor John Michie and girlfriend of rapper Ceon Broughton. She died after taking 2-CP during the music festival, in September 2017. She died some hours before her 25th birthday at Bestival in Dorset in September 2017.

Broughton Recorded Video

The videos had appalled former Taggart star Mr. Michie and wife Carol, who had once welcomed Broughton into their home and believed him innocent in the hours after Louella’s death in September 2017. In heartbreaking evidence in court, Mr. Michie had declared, ‘I think Louella loved Ceon. I’m not sure he loved her. I don’t know how you could ever say you loved someone if you left them to die in front of you’.

Jurors at the 2019 Winchester Crown Court trial had sobbed as they viewed footage of Louella’s distress as the effects of the drug showed her at one point trying to eat thorns. Clips showed musician Broughton turn his iPhone on himself at one point to show him smiling and playing with a fidget spinner toy and also plugging his hoodie brand.

During one 50-minute video, Louella had yelled: ‘Make sure you’re filming this. Put a camera on me now. You better be f****** recording Ceon. Don’t f****** put this on YouTube.’

She had also repeatedly shouted for him to call her mum, and when they were phoned, the sound of their daughter overdosing was so harrowing they jumped in their car to carry out the 130-mile drive from London to the festival site in Lulworth Castle in Dorset. They tragically arrived too late to find her alive. By 10.41 pm that night footage showed Broughton holding Louella’s severely scratched hand, with a still image taken by him at 11.24 pm appearing to show her lifeless at his feet.

But Broughton’s conviction was overturned after his barrister said prosecutors had ‘failed to prove’ that she would have survived had she received treatment by a certain point – the critical aspect of the original case against him.


Fast Facts

  • Ceon Broughton, 31, gave Louella Fletcher-Michie hallucinogenic 2-CP at Bestival head of her birthday
  • She died after taking the drug while Broughton recorded footage on mobile phone for six hours of film
  • At one point, she was seen in such distress she was eating thorns and screaming, ‘This ain’t acid.’
  • Louella, who is the daughter of actor John Michie, was found dead in woods at the edge of the festival site.
  • Broughton was convicted in March 2019 of manslaughter by gross negligence despite claiming innocence.
  • He was also jailed for more than eight years, but the conviction was overturned today by a court of appeal judge.
  • Mr. Michie and his family have been told the result of the case but were too upset to be able to comment.

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