Cha In Ha

Cha In Ha Bio, Age, Wiki, Died, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Cha In Ha Bio, Wiki

Cha In Ha was born in South Korea on July 15, 1992, and recently appeared in the South Korean entertainment scene. He debuted in 2017 with the short film You, Deep Inside of May. He also worked on the web drama Miss Independent Life 2, as well as the TV show Degree of Love and The Banker. According to South Korean media reports, Cha In Ha was found dead on 2 December 2019.

Cha In Ha Age

Cha In Ha was 27 years old.

Television Career

In September 2017, he joined the recurring cast of the temperature love series, where He revived “Good Soup” chef Kim Hong. On May 7, 2018, he joined the recurring cast of the Wook of Love series, where he played Bong Chi Soo, a former gangster and member of the “Big Diaper” gang, who became a chef specializing in making dumplings and quick calculations. went. General Chat goes to Chat Lounge 4.

In June of that year, he joined the Recurring Cast of series Are You, Human?” Where he gave life to Huang Ji Yong, a member of the “Independent” team. In November of that year, he joined the recurring cast of the Clean With Prophecy for Now series, where he played the role of “Cleaning Pre” cleaner and member as well as an actor, Huang Jae Min, until the end of the series in February. ۔ 2019.

On March 27, 2019, he joined the recurring cast of The Banker Series, where he gave birth to Audon Office member Moon Hong Jo. On November 27 of the same year, he joined the cast of the series “Love With Flaws,” where he met Si Woo-oh (Oh Yoon Seo) ‘s brother, Joe Woo-wan, Min-woo Hyuk (Jo Woo-woo). ۔ Played a role. And Jao Xu Jun (Kim Jae Yong). He is the second big brother, works as a bartender and is a bar manager.

Music Career

On July 7, 2017, he joined the “Surprise U” group with Yoon Jung Hyuk, Eun Hang Sang, Jin Guan Wu, and Kim Hyun Seo. Within the group, he was a singer and a dancer. When his death was announced on December 2, 2019, he ceased to be part of the HA group.

Cha In Ha Found dead

Korean actor Cha In Ha was found dead on December 2, 2019. South Korean media reports. Star Agency Fantagio, with a spokesperson, confirmed the news that they were “sad.”

“We do not want to spread the rumours, nor release families who are in distress for their families so they can leave peacefully,” he said.

“As his family wishes, the last rites will be private. We are deeply saddened by his passing.


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