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Who is Chad Carswell? Wiki, Bio, Age, Kidney Transplant, COVID Vax

Chad Carswell Wiki – Chad Carswell Bio

Chad Carswell is, a North Carolina man in need of a life-saving kidney transplant has been forced to turn down more than 100 prospective donors because of a hospital policy that requires him to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to undergo the operation, according to a report.


His age is unclear.

Chad Carswell Denied Kidney Transplant Over COVID Vax Refusal

Burke County resident Chad Carswell said that he’s on dialysis three times a week and had gone to Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem in hopes of getting a kidney transplant, news station WSOC reported.

“Without [a kidney transplant], there’s no telling how much longer I’ll be here, I have to have a kidney to prolong my life,” Carswell told the news station.

Carswell, a double amputee who has undergone several major heart surgeries, said that local businesses ran fundraisers for his operation, and more than 100 people had offered to donate a kidney.

But he said the hospital told him that he and anyone who wanted to donate a kidney would be required to be vaccinated before the surgery.

Carswell, who is unvaccinated, won’t budge despite pleas from his doctors and nurses.

“That’s when I politely told him there’s nothing to talk about,” Carswell told the outlet. “It wasn’t up for debate, I wasn’t getting it. And he told me ‘You know you’ll die if you don’t get it,’ and I told him I’m willing to die.”

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Carswell said that he believes the vaccine should be a choice and no one should be forced to get it.

“I was born free. I will die free. I’m not changing my mind,” Carswell told the outlet.

“I’ve had conversations with my family and everybody who is close to me and they know where I stand and there will not be a situation that occurs where I’ll change my mind on this topic.”

Carswell said he is looking at other hospitals to see if they’ll perform the surgery.