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Charlie Robbins Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, 1st Australian Ninja Warrior

Charlie Robbins Bio: He is a 20-year-old Australian boy. He is the1st Australian who win Ninja Warrior crowns.

Charlie Robbins Bio

Charlie was born in 1999 in Australian. He won the competition on 29 July 2019 beating Josh O’Sullivan, Bryson Klein, and Daniel Mason.

His states that he is a golf fanatic. Speaking to a news website he says: I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was four years old, and I started training on ninja-specific obstacles about two, two-and-a-half years ago.

When I was growing up, I played pretty much every sport — footy, cricket — but I ended up sticking with golf and gymnastics.

Robbins’ intro instead showed him golfing with a group of elderly friends, including his 71-year-old grandfather Taffy.”

But don’t be fooled: the 20-year-old has been doing gymnastics since he was four, and started training on ninja-specific obstacles

As he told, his success proves having “an Instagram influencer’s rippling physique” doesn’t automatically translate to athletic success.

I think being fairly lightweight is an advantage — and having a gymnastics background helps heaps. I don’t think to put on as much muscle as you can is necessarily going to help you.

You might need to do a bit of DIY to set this up in your back yard (or head down your local rock climbing center) but when you do your shoulders and upper back will thank you.

Charlie Robbins Advanced Monkey Bar Training

While your basic Anytime Fitness probably doesn’t have this kind of bodyweight workout area, many gyms these days do. Alternatively head down to your kid’s playground, or the bodyweight workout stations at Bondi beach.

Charlie Robbins Gymnastics Rings

You don’t need a foam pit — you just need an open-minded PT and the ability to momentarily take over the Olympic Ring workout station of your local gym.


Once you’ve trained yourself up you will be able to epitomize what it means to be a modern Australian Ninja with a backflip into your local watering hole or patch of ocean.

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