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Cherry Lewis, a 29-year-old model whose left leg was amputated after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram. However, some people have accused social media of highlighting the beauty of photo shopping and making big gigs.

“People on social media often pretend to put their legs on me and claim that I photoshopped my legs to get attention,” Lewis said. “I know your comments are funny and easy to refute, so some people find it funny when people say it; [but] For me, it’s very disturbing, looking at everything I’ve got to live and get to where I am now where I have confidence in who I am and how I am. ”

Cherry Louise Age.

Cherry Lewis is 29 years old.

Cherry Lewis is taking off her leg for attention.

A disabled model shared her fight stories and also revealed how soulless trolls call her a seeker of attention and accuse her of taking advantage of her other models by photoshopping her photos. ۔ Cherry Lewis is from New Zealand who had to amputate her leg after being diagnosed with a rare bowel with bone cancer. The 29-year-old has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram.

However, some on social media believe that Lewis is making his position just to gain more name and popularity. He said: “People on social media often pretend to have a leg over me and claim that I take my leg out of Photoshop through Photoshop. I know that your comments are ridiculous and wrong. Are easy, so some people find it funny when people say; [but] To me, it’s very disturbing, looking at everything I’ve done to survive and get to a point where I am now where I trust who I am and how I am. ”

Louise was only six years old when she was diagnosed with bone cancer, osteosarcoma. Her doctors told her that the condition made it necessary to amputate her leg, and that not only would they cut off half of her pelvis because of a rare and dangerous amputation, called an external hemi-pelectomy. , So it would be impossible for him. As a result of wearing an artificial leg, his crutch became his best support to get away from him, but they also made him feel self-conscious.

Lewis explained: “When I was young, I never thought I would get a job, I would fall in love, I would have a family or anything, because I never met someone with a disability. I spent countless nights crying over my pictures before biting, wondering why this happened to me, I wish I could wake up one day and then have two legs. I was always standing, and because of that I finally I quit the jobs that got my attention, like playing sports. ”

But when she met like-minded people on the Internet at the age of 20, she regained her confidence. He said: “In fact, it played a key role in gaining my trust because I felt that the more I exposed myself on social media, the more I cared that people cared about me. Personally, how did you react? [Also] I found a model just like me on Instagram … I remember she posted pictures of herself in a bathing suit and there were even pictures showing her marks. ”

Because of Lewis’ confidence and involvement in the modeling world, she has received numerous offers from various international brands. Despite being brutally trolled on social media, Lewis believes in her positive power. “I hope to see children with disabilities who don’t believe in the future. I want to get into industries that always make up stories for us, instead of telling them.”

Lewis’s Instagram is full of beautiful and confident photos. She is also a big fan of Mama Cakes, an American Haitian model and disability rights activist. But Cakes died in December 2019, and in his honor, Lewis shared a photo of himself on Instagram and wrote: “I was so excited when I found you. Who wouldn’t? Look at you. Stunning, bay.” Defect, always wearing extra clothes for the occasion. I couldn’t believe it, a woman is doing everything I’ve always dreamed of, or never dreamed of, because she scared me. I remember the day I found you, I was in the gym and I lay on the floor for an hour looking at your pictures, reading all your captions, not believing that someone was writing things that I thought it was just my existence. ”

He continued, “I enthusiastically sent screenshots to my boyfriends and friends. Can you believe it? Someone like me was cut. On crutches. I’m going to the beach.” I went Swimming on the beach for the first time since I’ve seen you do that, before adding: “Knowing that I’m sure that’s only part of what you’re doing, I felt that you “When I heard you were sick, I never expected it to end with losing you. After all, look, you’ve already won. I was wrong.” No one is invincible. Even the most brave and powerful woman I have ever seen. I will miss you forever and the disabled community will continue your work. It will not end here. Life changed. We love you so much. ”

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