Christine Englehardt Biography: Wiki, Age, Family, Death Cause

Christine Englehardt Biography
Christine Englehardt Biography

Christine Englehardt Biography – Christine Englehardt Wiki

According to Christine Englehardt Biography and Wiki, She was a Philadelphia United States woman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She died after being drugged and raped in a Miami Beach hotel room was visiting Florida from the Philadelphia suburbs. Two North Carolina men face charges in the case. After being found at the Albion Hotel on Miami Beach, she died Thursday morning, police in Florida said.

According to police records, surveillance footage showed the two men entering the hotel lobby Englehardt at about 1 a.m. on Thursday, March 18, then exiting the hotel without Englehardt about 30 minutes later. Both men matched the description given to police and were stopped and detained by detectives Sunday.

One of the Miami Beach detectives on the case testified at a bond hearing Monday and said that based on the surveillance footage, Englehardt was staggering and appeared to be in no condition to give any kind of consent prior to entering the hotel. He added that one of the defendants actually helped hold her up as they went up to her hotel room.


Christine Englehardt has died at the age of 24.


Two North Carolina men Evoire Collier and Dorian Taylor in Miami were arrested during the spring break for allegedly drugging and raping a 24-year-old woman who was found dead in her hotel room, authorities said Monday.

Collier and Taylor face burglary charges with battery, petty theft, sexual battery, and credit card fraud. Both Collier and Taylor have been appointed public defenders for the time being. Collier’s sister pleaded with the judge saying he has never been in trouble before during the bond hearing.

“I’m severely bewildered by these charges and accusations against him, but I can attest for his character and I can attest for the responsibility of him standing trial for whatever charges,” his sister said. “If you please let my brother come home and let our family handle the situation appropriately we will do whatever is necessary that Miami-Dade County asks of us.”

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