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Cleo Smith is a 4-years-old child who disappeared at night wearing only pink pajamas while her parents were waking up and launching a massive search and rescue operation to find her missing.

Her mother has issued a despairing appeal for her missing daughter after the girl went missing in an Australian outback during a camping trip and is now in the jungle for 24 hours.


She is 4-years-old.

Cleo Smith is missing.

The family stayed at the Blue Holes campsite near McLeod, about 50 miles north of Carnarvon.

Cleo was last seen at 1.30am – and when her mother and father woke up at 6am, the girl was nowhere to be seen.

The search continued until darkness fell again – police had to halt air and sea efforts until the light returned to Western Australia.

Cleo was last seen wearing a bright pink pajama suit, hiding her blue and pink flowers and butterflies.

And his mother described his disappearance as “extremely unusual.”

Search and rescue teams, helicopters, police officers and locals are anxious to find Cleo. Social media posts asking for help in finding Cleo have also been shared thousands of times.

Carnarvonshire President Eddie Smith said the families were well-known locals and part of a narrow community.

“Everyone is hoping for the best,” he said.

Mother appeal.

Her mother, Eli Smith, has renewed her call to find her young daughter and asked anyone with information to call the police.

“It’s been more than 24 hours since I last saw my little girl’s eyes,” he said.

“Please help me find it! If you hear or see anything, please call the police.”

Police report

According to an ABC report, Inspector John Munde said that the police were not dismissing anything at this stage.

“We are really doing our best in this early stages,” he said.

The police official said that a sleeping bag was also reported missing from the camp site, but he was “not free at the time” to provide further information.

Police are trolling Dashcam and CCTV footage, and information about Cleo has been sent within a 600-mile radius.

Inspector Mande added that although the weather was harsh – the current weather could allow one to “avoid the elements”.

“We’re pretty sure if Cleo is here we’ll find him,” he said.

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