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Colyn Tusing is a Walmart shopper in Ohio who arrested for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon. He allegedly pulled out brass knuckles after refusing to wear a mask while shopping at Walmart.

Walmart told police they did not wish to press trespassing charges against Tusing. But because he refused to sign a trespass notice, Tusing was banned from all Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.


Colyn Tusing is 20 years old as of 2020.

Charge & Crime

He was arrested over the weekend after allegedly pulling out brass knuckles after refusing to wear a mask while shopping at Walmart.

He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon inside a Walmart store in the city of Sandusky. An officer with the Perkins Township Police Department responded to a call about a customer who refused to wear a mask inside the store around 5 p.m. Saturday.

Court hearing, Police Investigation

Employees told police that Tusing had refused to wear a mask and ignored a request to leave the store, the responding officer, Martin Curran, wrote in the investigation report.

The officer said he found Tusing in the automotive section of the store, took his identification, and asked what happened. According to the report, Tusing said he was never asked to leave and told Curran, “You tell me what’s going with these people trying to make my decisions.”

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Curran said he returned the identification and informed Tusing that he was on private property, but Tusing began to argue with him.

An employee told police he just wanted Tusing to leave the store at this time. If Tusing returned, employees wanted him to wear a mask, or else they would ban him from the store for trespassing.

Curran said he then advised Tusing to leave the store as directed and he began to walk away.

As the officer escorted Tusing from the store, Tusing allegedly referred to the brass knuckles as being a “deadly weapon” and stated “do you really think I’m f—— scared of you?” according to the report.

A judge recommended Tusing be held on bond. While he was at the Erie County Jail, Tusing reportedly stated he was suicidal. Curran said he transported Tusing to an emergency room where he was treated and released. He was then returned to the jail where he remained incarcerated Saturday.

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