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Curtis Edward Smith is a South Carolina man accused of shooting Alex Murdaugh, the prominent lawyer whose wife and son was mysteriously murdered in June at the family’s hunting lodge.

The arrest of Smith, and the charges (including assisted suicide), add another layer of drama and strangeness to the case, which involves a well-known and wealthy family. It was one of the most mysterious double murder cases in the country even before Alex Murdaugh, and the patriarch was himself shot – a shooting that authorities now say was an assisted suicide carried out by Smith at Murdaugh’s behest. Murdaugh survived.


He is 61 years old.

Alex Murdaugh Murder

In the description of the offense provided by SLED, authorities allege that, on or around September 4, 2021, in Varnville, South Carolina, Curtis Edward Smith committed the crime of conspiracy.

Co-defendant Richard Alexander Murdaugh (Alex Murdaugh) conspired with Curtis Edward Smith for “Mr. Smith assisting Mr. Murdaugh to commit suicide.

In that, Mr. Murdaugh provided Mr. Smith with a firearm and directed Mr. Smith to shoot him in the head for the purpose of causing Mr. Murdaugh’s death and allowing for the payment of a stated death benefit to the b beneficiary of the insured, Mr. Murdaugh,” the document alleges.

Smith followed Murdaugh to Old Salkehatchie Road and “shot Mr. Murdaugh as he stood in the roadway,” authorities say.

After shooting Murdaugh in the head, Smith drove to an unknown location and disposed of the firearm, they say. Murdaugh survived the shooting and was taken to the hospital.

According to Fox News, before Smith’s arrest was revealed, Murdaugh announced he was leaving his law firm and entering rehab to deal with a “long battle that has been exacerbated these murders.”

Fast Facts

In a stunning turn of events, a South Carolina man was charged Tuesday with shooting troubled attorney Alex Murdaugh in the head in an assisted-suicide plot to secure $10 million in insurance money—just three months after Murdaugh’s wife and son were murdered.

The alleged conspiracy was laid out in court documents released after Curtis Edward Smith, 61, was collared for the botched Sept. 4 shooting, which Murdaugh, 53, survived.

The accusations against Smith don’t deal with the slayings of Murdaugh’s wife and son, but those deaths are present in many people’s minds as the mystery deepens.

The arrest warrant says that Smith is from Walterboro, South Carolina. He is a white male standing 6 feet tall, weighing 225 pounds, and has a South Carolina driver’s license. A Curtis E. Smith with a 1997 bankruptcy in South Carolina, but the records were not immediately available.

According to the Daily Beast, Smith was Murdaugh’s former client in a personal injury lawsuit from a decade back, and Smith allegedly gave Alex Murdaugh drugs.

The New York Times reported that Murdaugh also represented Smith in a lawsuit against a Charlotte, North Carolina, forest management company and over a 2013 speeding ticket.

The Murdaugh family is asking for privacy after the latest shooting, telling the Observer in a statement, “The Murdaugh family has suffered through more than any one family can ever imagine. We expect Alex to recover and ask for your privacy while he recovers.”

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