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Daniel Prigge wouldn’t have called himself a hero, his brother, girlfriend, and close friend agree. When the subject came up, he deflected such superlatives, despite the two purple hearts from Iraq and 95 surgeries, despite the shrapnel in his stomach and the protruding bone in his calf, despite the fact that it hurt even to walk, despite the traumatic brain injury and PTSD and the partial blindness in one eye.

Daniel Prigge Age

Danial Prigge was 31 years old. He was born in Berlin, Germany. He died at the age of 31.


His father served in the U.S. military there. “I think he was very humble. He never wanted to be a hero. He just wanted everybody to know the story that the military was such a big part of his life,” says Prigge’s sister, Stacy Hopf, on whose Sheboygan County, Wisconsin farm Daniel lived for a time after leaving the military. Hopf described the family’s military roots as going back to the Civil War, with their father and grandfather also serving.

Cause of Death

Daniel Prigge died at the age of 31 years old on March 29, 2020, Became on those service members who in a way didn’t come back from Iraq, although he didn’t die there. Daniel Instagram Post, He wrote:

“Yesterday I was rushed in sooner for my 62nd surgery! They reconstructed my clavicle, shaved down the bone and fixed the dislocation. They also found a hematoma where my tib fib is fused and my fibula is cut in half,” Prigge wrote in one post. “They cleaned that out and took all scar tissue out and also went into my knee joint and cleaned that out as well. I do not recommend doing two parts of your body at once, but seeing that I have this many surgeries, it needed to be done because it’s not good to have anesthesia that many times. I want to thank everyone for the support.”

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Even with all of that, he felt there were others who went “through much worse.” He’d lost 16 friends who went through worse.

“Although I am going through pain and a long recovery, I know there are soldiers and civilians out there going through much worse. So I have nothing to complain about and I am just happy about being here. There are many soldiers I have lost, (PFC Robert H.) Dembowski and 15 other soldiers of mine aren’t here to have a chance to even have these feelings.”


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October 17 1988 – March 29th 2020 Daniel has inspired so many and was inspired by so many veterans that he spoke for. Always positive no matter what he was going through. Surgeries, seizures, internal bleeding, and immense amounts of pain he would always have a reason to smile and laugh and he loved so intensely… Daniel passed away yesterday in our home… He can now love on Lucy and laugh with Debo again without pain… Never forgotten, forever loved…. if you are close to him please send me a msg. @lioness1311 I'll give you my number

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