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Danny Round is a New Zealander who was horrifically chopped off by his boat propeller after stormy seas tossed him during a voyage of a lifetime. Danny had been enjoying his sailing trip in the South Pacific. It had been a trip of a lifetime for the Kiwi chef. He sustained cuts to his feet, legs, waist, chest, hands, chin, and forehead – which was also partly caved-in. He is from Auckland, New Zealand.


Danny Round is 32 years old as of 2020.

Face Chopped By His Boat

The chef suffered three skull fractures, a broken jaw, three displaced teeth and lacerations to his face, feet, hands, waist and chest which needed more than 150 stitches. The Aucklander will now be scarred for life.

Danny, an experienced sailor, had left his mates to explore Fiji. While sailing near one of the most remote islands in the South Pacific, Danny was returning to his 1984 sailboat in a dingy with a 20hp outboard motor.

But, conditions worsened and an unseen wave knocked him overboard, with his hand slipping off the kill cord around his wrist. Danny said: “I underestimated the wind gusts and the bow started to lift off of the water.

“My reactions were too sudden and the bow came down harder than it should have.

“The boat went over me and the propellers went all the way up my body and hit me in the face.”

His injuries were so severe he was quickly airlifted to hospital by helicopter and the navy were called out to assist.

Danny was flown to Suva hospital where he learned he had sustained three skull fractures – one of which slightly collapsed his forehead, with a second smashing his nasal cavity.

Danny Round Facts

Danny, from Auckland, New Zealand, needed more than 150 stitches.
He sustained lacerations to his feet, legs, waist, chest, hands, chin and forehead.
He was rescued after a sailor spotted his boat going round in circles
Danny was taken to another vessel, and a doctor stopped the bleeding
He was taken to hospital in Suva, Fiji’s capital

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