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Darcy Krueger

Darcy Krueger (Florida Teenager) Bio, Age, Wiki, Pantsuit

Darcy Krueger Bio

Darcy Krueger is a 17-year-old student in Tampa, who was denied entry into her senior homecoming dance because she was wearing a pantsuit rather than a dress.

Darcy Krueger Age

She is 17 years old as of 2019.

Krueger’s Pantsuit

On Friday, 4 October, there was a homecoming dance function of Florida high school’s. She was not allowed homecoming dance because she broke the school’s dress code by wearing a jumpsuit, rather than a dress.

The event organizer said a dress code online laid out the rules. Boys had to wear dress pants, button-down shirts, and a tie.

Girls had to wear semi-formal dresses, but not dresses that are too revealing or only too short.

Absolutely stunning. Beauty. Power. Strength of heart. Thank you Jennie Ellis

Posted by Melissa Krueger on Friday, 4 October 2019

Krueger was not trying to make any statement with her outfit. She didn’t find a dress that she liked ahead of the Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming Dance.

Darcy Krueger’s mother, Melissa, shared a screenshot of the dress code that had been designated for the Tampa Bay Homeschool Homecoming Dance with Yahoo Lifestyle. The rules appeared to promote modest, conservative attire.

Denied entrance to to her Senior Homecoming dance.

Posted by Melissa Krueger on Friday, 27 September 2019

Krueger’s Photo Shoot

A Florida photographer Jennie Ellis saw the post and decided to reach out. She offered to do a photoshoot with Darcy in her jumpsuit, free of charge.

They did the photoshoot at a nearby park. Ellis told TODAY that she brought along a trunk as a prop. It was meant as a symbol of the baggage that Darcy no longer needed to carry.

Ellis shared in a blog post that she hopes her photography can help to empower young women. She shared a series of photos, which included the ones of Darcy, in the post.

The past few days have been so life changing for me. Photos of mine have gone viral all over the world. Articles by all…

Posted by Jennie Ellis on Sunday, 6 October 2019

Darcy Krueger Mother Apology and Refund

Her mother, Melissa Krueger, is continuing to push for the dress code to be updated. She told a News statement that if the event organizers do not allow jumpsuits at future events.

Melissa added on Facebook that she would like to see a sincere apology offered to her daughter, but “we will never ‘demand’ one.”

Thank you for covering this story Julie Salome at ABC action news, and thank you Jennie Ellis photography for the bomb…

Posted by Melissa Krueger on Thursday, 3 October 2019

The Facebook page for the TampaBay Homeschool Homecoming event appears to have been deleted or temporarily taken down

The page stated that no refunds would be given out if a student’s clothing was deemed to be inappropriate; however, an exception was made for Darcy Krueger.

event planner statement

“We have 2 private events every year for our students. These events have a dress code. This particular event, 390 students bought tickets. Only one student had to be turned away, and it was due to the dress code. We offered her an opportunity to come back if she could change into the dress code. We would have loved to had 100% attendance. However, her ticket was refunded after the event, and we confirmed that she did not return.”


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