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Darlie Routier (age 49 years) is an American lady from Rowlett, Texas, who was sentenced for killing her five-year-old child Damon in 1996. She was never accused of the homicide of her other child, six-year-old Devon. Both young men were cut to death with a substantial kitchen blade. Routier was condemned to death.

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Darlie Routier was born on 4 January 1970 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States.


On June 6, 1996, at 2:31 am, 9-1-1 dispatchers in Rowlett, Texas, got a call from the Routier living arrangement at 5801 Falcon Drive.

Routier told the administrator that her home had been broken into and that a gatecrasher had wounded her youngsters, 6-year-old Devon and 5-year-old Damon, and cut her throat. Police touched base inside three minutes of the 9-1-1 call.

They found a window screen in the carport had been cut, which showed a conceivable section point for an interloper. The pursuit of the house and grounds did not find a gatecrasher. Having along these lines verified the site, police allowed paramedics to take care of the people in question.

Routier told police that the attacker got away through the carport. Agents said that the carport contained no blood drops, and included that signs were that nobody had gone through there by any stretch of the imagination.

Routier’s children continued lethal wounds. Her injuries, portrayed as shallow, came quite close to her carotid supply route.

Routier was treated at a medical clinic and discharged two days after the fact. Her most youthful child, 7-month-old Drake, was snoozing upstairs with her significant other Darin at the season of the homicides; both got away damage.

Broadcasts indicated Routier and other relatives holding a birthday party at the young men’s grave to after death observe Devon’s seventh birthday celebration eight days after the homicides. She was appeared and chuckling as she splashed Senseless String on the graves in festivity, singing “Glad Birthday”.

Relatives call attention to that the broadcasts did not demonstrate a before a video that portrayed a serious function respecting the youngsters. After four days, Routier was captured and accused of capital homicide.

Routier later remarked on the video, saying, “He needed to be seen. I did the main thing I knew to do to respect him and give him every one of his desires since he wasn’t here any longer. In any case, how would you realize what you will do when you lose two youngsters? How would you realize how you’re going to act.


The indictment proposed that Routier killed her children due to the family’s budgetary challenges. Examiners depicted her as a “spoiled, materialistic lady with significant obligation, plunging FICO scores, and minimal expenditure in the bank, who expected that her rich way of life was going to end”. Legal hearers likewise observed the Senseless String video.

Wrongdoing scene expert James Cron affirmed that proof proposed the scene inside the Routier living arrangement had been organized.

Routier was spoken to at preliminary by legal advisor Douglas Mulder. Guard lawyers said that there was no motivation behind why she would have slaughtered her kids and that the case did not have a thought process, an admission or any observers.

They affirmed that it was impossible to blame Routier for arranging a wrongdoing scene. Her lawyers prompted her not to show up on the testimony box, however, she affirmed in any case and “wilted under questioning by examiner Toby Shook.”

San Antonio boss medicinal inspector Vincent DiMaio affirmed that the injury to Routier’s neck came extremely close to her carotid corridor and that it was not reliable with oneself exacted wounds he had found before. That varied from the affirmations of her treating doctors, who had told police authorities that the injuries may have been self-perpetrated.

Tom Angle affirmed that push off blood found on the back of Routier’s nightshirt demonstrated that she had raised the blade over her head as she pulled back it from every kid to cut once more.

Routier was sentenced for killing Damon. On February 4, 1997, she was condemned to death by deadly infusion.

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