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Daryono was an Indonesian professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He is suspected of having dengue fever.


He was born March 5, 1994, in Semarang, Indonesia. He has died at 26.


Daryono joined the Persija Jakarta youth team in 2011. In 2013, he entered the club’s main squad nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers. he was part of the Persija squad when he won the 2018 League 1. In that season, he appeared in five matches with a record of two zero goals. he joined Badak Lampung FC in 2019. In the 2019 League 1 competition, he made 20 appearances with the club nicknamed Laskar Saburai.


Cause of Death

He died on November 9, 2020. He is suspected of having dengue fever. The sad news comes from national football. The former Persija Jakarta goalkeeper, he passed away at the age of 26.

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Launching from Antara, he passed away on Monday (9/11/2020) morning after previously receiving intensive care at the hospital. The news of Daryono’s death was conveyed directly by the Persija media officer via WhatsApp chain messages. “Inalillahi wainaiirojiun. Has passed away to the grace of our brother. Hopefully, his acts of worship are accepted, and all his sins are forgiven, Aamiin,” wrote the media officer Persija.

Apart from sources from Persija, the news of his death was also conveyed by Badak Lampung FC, which is the last club for the Semarang-born goalkeeper. Through the club’s social media accounts, Badak Lampung FC uploaded its condolences to pass Daryono.


“All BLFC management & officials are sorry for the death of one of the Laskar Saburai family, Daryono. Hopefully, the deceased will have the best place by his side,” wrote the official Instagram account of Badak Lampung FC. “Thank you to all waghei who have helped during Daryono’s treatment. We can do, but God has other plans.” “Today is very different; today will be forever different. Goodbye, Daryono, we will always remember you forever.”

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