David Dempsey

David Dempsey (Bear Spray on Anti-Trump protesters) Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Charges

David Dempsey Bio

David Dempsey is a 32 years old man from Van Nuys, California. He used bear spray on a group of anti-Trump protesters during an event in Santa Monica.

David Dempsey Age

He is 32 years old as of 2019.

David Dempsey Attack

Dempsey and his group had been attacked on The rally at the Santa Monica Pier on October 19, 2019.

Video from the protest shows a group of President Trump supporters interacting with the protesters. It’s difficult to make out exactly what the two sides were saying to each other, but the exchanges were clearly heated.

Dempsey is seen passionately asking why he’s the one being questioned, insisting that he and his group had been attacked.

Other people from the crowd can be heard disputing his account; at least one person is heard telling the police that he had been recording the whole time.

Dempsey argued that he was cooperating and didn’t understand why handcuffs were necessary. People in the crowd can be heard applauding as Dempsey was placed under arrest.

Another man, who explained that he was Dempsey’s brother, continued to try to argue that Dempsey had been attacked by others in the crowd as Dempsey was led away.

David Dempsey Charges

David was booked into the Santa Monica Jail. He was scheduled to appear before a judge on Tuesday, October 22, for an arraignment hearing. Dempsey faces the following charges.

He has a record of multiple arrests in Los Angeles County dating back to 2006, according to court records.

In November of 2009, Dempsey was convicted of burglary. Records via the Van Nuys Courthouse West indicate that in this case, Dempsey faced 16 months in state prison and a mandatory probation period. He was also convicted of burglary in 2006.

In 2012, Dempsey was convicted on charges of conspiracy to commit a crime and larceny in Burbank. According to court records, Dempsey had been accused of possessing or using a stolen credit card.

David Dempsey Facebook

Facebook page that appears to belong to David Nicholas Dempsey lists Van Nuys, California as his hometown.

He described himself in the bio as “Valley born, Valley raised, Valley Breathing.” It includes that he attended Coutin School, a high school in Los Angeles. In his cover photo, Dempsey sports a Trump 2020 t-shirt that reads, “Make liberals cry again.”



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