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According to David Lee Huber Wiki, Bio and Biography, He is identified as the FBI as the suspect accused of shooting and killing two veteran FBI agents who were executing a warrant in a child exploitation case.

Huber was a computer consultant. He ran a series of short-lived businesses; a company called World Tech Supplies in Kendall in 1988 and computer consulting businesses named Huber Computer Consulting and COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS 0512 INC.

He was described by neighbours as an introvert who was a gnawed off, shipping off warnings to a few. There were a few pits in a generally apparently average life – a separation, a chapter 11, and an expulsion. Yet, he had no criminal history.


David Lee Huber is 55-years-old as of 2021.

Personal Life

The Sun-Sentinel quoted a neighbour who went a step farther, calling Huber a “coo-coo bird” he’d complained about to the homeowners’ association.

Another neighbour told the Miami Herald that Huber, who was married for 16 years before divorcing, seemed anti-social. he was once evicted in Colorado, the newspaper reported. April Evans told the Herald he seemed to have little furniture and lived alone.

Court records show he was divorced in 2016. According to Local10, he was divorced in 2016 and had three children.
Alfin and Schwartzenberger had worked for years to protect children from Internet predators.

“He is very weird and very grumbling. If you would speak to him, he would usually not speak back,” said Evans to the newspaper. “If he did, it was just a grunt under his breath.” She described to the newspaper how an exterminator who visited his apartment once said, “Oh my God, the guy that lived downstairs just had a gun in my face,”

Sunrise Shooting

The Miami Herald reported that it’s believed the suspect shot and killed himself. The suspect saw the agents coming through a doorbell camera and opening fire through a door.

Huber had no criminal history beyond traffic tickets and obtained a commercial pilot’s license years ago, News10 reported. Records. Alfin was helping serve a warrant on the suspect when he was killed; the suspect was wanted for “violent crimes against children.

The Miami Herald reported that the two agents were executing a “routine search warrant to seize the suspect’s computer and other evidence. They had matched an internet search history to the suspect, the newspaper reported.

The Water Terrace apartment complex was the scene of the shooting at 6:04 a.m. in Sunrise, Florida, which is near Fort Lauderdale.

FBI Agents Killed

2 FBI Agents killed in an evolving situation in Sunrise, Florida. Special Agent Daniel Alfin has been an agent with the bureau since April 2009. Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger since 2005. Both work on violent crimes against children squad. Their work saved so many children and got justice for others.

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