Who is David Rojas? Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Charge, Accused of Fondling the Breasts of a Dead Woman

David Rojas
David Rojas

David Rojas Bio, Wiki

David Rojas is a 27-years-old veteran of the Los Angeles police department. He is accused of fondling the breasts of a dead woman and accidentally recording it on a body- camera video while responding to an overdose call. He worked with the LAPD’s Central Division at the time of the incident.

David Rojas Accused

He is alleged fondling the breasts of a dead woman, during a house call he made on Oct. 20 with his partner, related to an apparent overdose. The identity of Rojas’ partner has not been revealed, not have there any allegations been made against his partner. According to the News Network, Rojas and his partner, a male, also responded to the call, and together they confirmed that the woman was dead. Then, Rojas’s colleague allegedly went to the car for proper paperwork and Rojas was left alone with the body. According to LAPD officials, Rojas allegedly stopped his body cam and fondled the woman’s body. However, a two-minute buffer on the device allowed the footage to be recorded anyway.

David Rojas Body Camera Footage

According to the News Network, the LAPD union implemented a new protocol a month ago, in which LAPD had the right to randomly check bodycam footage. After the footage was discovered, Rojas was placed on leave. The LAPD learned of the conduct on Nov. 11. Rojas was assigned to home duty shortly after. As far as body camera footage is concerned, it will never be released to the public. Although the Police Commission voted last year to release any body camera footage of the “critical incident” to the public, according to ABC7, the department did not consider the incident a “critical incident”.

David Rojas Arrested

Rojas was arrested December 12 and found guilty of violating the California Health and Safety Code. Bail set at $ 20,000.

In a statement before Rozas’ arrest, the Los Angeles Police Protective League said,

“If this allegation is true, then the behaviour exhibited by this officer is not only wrong, but extremely disturbing, and does not align with the values we, as police officers, hold dear and these values include respect and reverence for the deceased. This behaviour has no place in law enforcement.”